Grab Bag (28 June 2007)

— The sleepfest vacation continues: almost 10 hours again last night. I got up at the 7-hour point because I had thought when going to bed that I might go to the beach today despite the call for possible thundershowers. But it looked rather blah when I got up and the weather office had upgraded the thundershowers from a possibility to a watch. Since there were some last night (except in Halifax proper), I had visions of being zapped on the beach; therefore, I chose to return to bed. Sunshine and very low 20s expected tomorrow and Saturday; that’ll have to do.

— Someone told me once that our metabolism changes ever 7 years or so. I think there might be some truth to that. With my eating habits unchanged, I began gaining considerable weight in 1999-2000 and reached 200 pounds by April 2004. I went on a diet and lost weight, and for nearly 3 years I’ve been holding steady between 168 and 174 on my ungenerous scale. However, what I’ve been finding weird is that, notwithstanding that I indulge more than I should in unhealthy food choices, when I’m at, say, 172, my body doesn’t look like it did at 172 a year-and-a-half or two years ago. I know that doesn’t make sense; I know I’m still at the high end of “normal weight” according to this BMI calculator, and I know in my mind that I’m faring well. But I also think I may have moved into another 7-year metabolism phase which results in the same weight not getting distributed as it did not so long ago. I’m not sure it would be a smart idea to aim for the 160 to 165 range, assuming I could even reach it.

— I have a block of clients at my other job who are gradually leaving me. It’s all very amicable; they’re just moving on, and they’re satisfied with the service I’ve provided them in the last 7 years. But this shift is yet another good reason for me to think about how I want to realign my business and move to Montreal. Several years ago, I was offered the opportunity to place a bid in the competition that led this client to where it’s currently moving, but I declined on the grounds that the scope was too big for me to handle as a one-man show. But assuming I had placed the winning bid, I don’t think I would be in as good position financially as I am today, meaning I probably wouldn’t be seriously considering moving to Montreal as I am now.

— I wonder if I’ll ever reach a point in my life where I don’t a whack of things to do work-wise. This week, I admit, I’ve been putting almost everything off and enjoying my solitude. I’m actually pretty good at disconnecting and saying, “Fuck it!” But I do wonder if I’ll ever reach a point where my plate is just full instead of always overflowing. Does that happen to people anymore?

— I checked out a new sofa and TV last Sunday. As usual, I’m waffling before making any big purchase. Late July is the earliest the furniture bank could pick up my old stuff, and I have to spend a good chunk of change of new software soon. I also bought out Junior’s lease last month and I want to pay that off by the end of this year at the latest, which I know I can do. So as I look at my old stuff, I question if it’s folly to spend $1,500+ on new stuff when the old is still okay. Plus, what about the possibility of an intercity move?