Guilty But Repentant

Tatiana LondonoIn a post back in January, I compared two reality shows whose basic premise is buying real estate. When I wrote that post, I found a lot of negative comments about Sandra Rinomato, host of HGTV’s Property Virgins, but not as much about Tatiana Londono of The Property Shop, also a show on HGTV. That surprised me a little because Londono is pretty loud and brash and I thought that would have earned her a lot of haters.

In fact, the only dirt I could find about her is that she was to appear this spring before Québec’s self-regulatory real-estate body (that is, the Organisme d’Autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec, or OACIQ) but there were few details on what the disciplinary hearing was about. I don’t know what reminded me of her today but, after much digging, I finally found out why she appeared, what the charges were, and what was the outcome of the hearing.

This article explains it all: she “has taken responsibility for the actions of her former assistant — a broker who falsified a client’s signature on contracts to sell two Westmount apartments in 2008 and 2009,” the article’s lead paragraph explains.

The former assistant is never named but I recall one episode where she had a falling out with someone who worked with her and whom she considered one of her best friends, so I wonder if she’s the assistant in question. I also wonder if this disciplinary tangle has turned off HGTV (or Londono herself) from creating another season of The Property Shop. One can still view past seasons of the show on, but there’s no indication if the show will be coming back (unless I didn’t look properly).

I decided since writing my original post that I find her quite annoying and I can understand why many can’t stand watching her show. However, perhaps this fact, along with the way Montréal is portrayed, is what makes the show entertaining for me. If anything, Londono is textbook “reality TV” material…