Intriguing Procedure

Before leaving for Mexico, I was due for a visit to the dentist for my semi-annual maintenance regimen of teeth cleaning, which usually involves a lot of scaling. But since I haven’t found a dentist yet in Montréal — to be honest, I haven’t looked very hard — I figured I would put that appointment off until my return. When I mentioned this to Esposo, he was shocked to hear that I still got that procedure done and suggested we pay a visit to his dentist friend for a high-pressure water treatment instead. I have to admit I had never heard of this and I was very intrigued, so I agreed to an appointment.

Should be interesting. I’ll know Wednesday if I find this less barbaric approach as effective to what I’m used to. My former dental hygienist in Halifax might not agree, but I’m too curious not to try avoiding that discomfort I’ve come to accept as a necessary evil. It might not be so necessary after all.