Check, Check, Check!

— Today we got formal word of what our year-end bonus at the day job will be. It’s right in the middle of the range I expected it would be, and while I won’t disclose the figure here, I will say it’s considerable. And it’ll be paid the day I leave for Mexico. Check!

— El Poema touched base on Skype this evening. Because we’ve both been so busy — he with helping a friend move and I with work — we’ve pretty well stuck to e-mail in the last little while. He’s threatening to kidnap me once I get to Mexico, but that little plan won’t work because I’m telling everybody, so if I’m not back at work in Halifax on January 2 for reasons other than airline delays, everyone will know to come find me. Check!

As the snow’s been flying, I’ve been a flurry of activity myself.

— Pay subcontractor. Check!

— Renew a client’s hosting for 1 year. Check!

— Renew 2 other clients for 1 year. Check!

— Renew 2 domain names and hosting for yet another client. Check!

— Renew 1 of my own domain names for 5 years. Check!

— Wash the dishes. Check!

— Write a cheque to Sis for Mom’s Christmas gift. Check!

— Finally write a cheque to pay that fine. Check!

— Write my formal notice of leave for the apartment. Check!

“You’re a man with so many plans,” El Poema exclaimed at one point during our conversation tonight.

You’ve got that right, babe!

Now That’s Freaky!

When we think of thunder and lightening, we usually think of hot summer weather when the air gets so thick that it feels like walking into a wet sauna. But in the last 30 minutes of the current snowstorm, there have been several flashes of lightening and considerable claps of thunder. At the first occurrence, I thought I was imagining things: “It has to be a snowplow,” I thought.

But no. In fact, just as I wrote that last sentence, the snow-covered view outside my window just turned blue white and a milder clap of thunder followed.

How freaky is that?