Nervous for Nothing

My phone rang around 5:30 pm on Thursday of the previous week. A courrier was at my door, and since I was expecting a package, I ran downstairs to catch him before he took off. But it turns out it wasn’t the package I was expecting; instead it was my phone company and Internet service provider sending me a new high-speed modem.

I don’t know why — it’s so not “manly” of me! — but anything having to do with computer hardware — or any hardware, for that matter — freaks me out. I have no problem generally with software, but hardware? Total mental block, which I assume is due in part to my lack of spatial perception. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Then add to that how the instructions were contradictory: on one page, I was told I had to make the switch BY November 29; on another, it said my service would only be activated at 8:00 pm on November 29. Where I rely on my Internet connection for the day job and I was worried about disconnecting something that would screw up my router, I started to cuss: I don’t need this now, I only have 4 months left in Halifax, and the “old” modem works just fine, thank you very much!

Long story short, though, I was able to make the switch last night and all’s well. I haven’t noticed any difference in performance yet — I doubt I will — and now something else disturbs me: there were no instructions on returning the “old” modem, which isn’t that old and works perfectly well, so it looks like a perfectly functional piece of equipment is now heading for the landfill. In fact, I’m convinced that’s what the phone company will do with it if I bring it back to a store.

That concern aside, I have to confess that the logistics of my computer network is the one component of my upcoming move to Montréal that worries me the most. I swear, I turn into a damsel in distress around stuff like that! I even thought about bringing Stephanie along for the move, not so that she could help move a single stick or box, but so she could reset everything …but I’m sure that won’t fly because she’ll be at the end of her winter semester and she wouldn’t relish returning to Halifax by plane. (In fact, she even might not relish driving shotgun with me to Montréal, since I’m pretty sure she’s among those who think I drive like a maniac.) But what’s more, based on some of my colleagues’ experience dealing with Bell, I’m fully expecting that getting my Internet and business phone connected is going to be a dragged out nightmare.

Funny that. For just about everything else, I assume the better scenario, not the worse. And given that yesterday’s modem switch was truly a piece of cake, you’d think I’d assume that part of the move will be just as easy and that I’m being nervous for nothing. But there are some things about which I can’t help being a total worry wart, even if the evidence suggests my worries are groundless.