“If you don’t hear from me by the weekend, you should break into my apartment,” I told BeeGoddessM in a brief phone conversation at the beginning of this week. “I could be sitting in a corner, rolled up on myself and rocking.”

Well, the fact I’m writing this blog entry right now proves that I didn’t end up that way. But indeed, it was a terribly gruelling week at work.

What happened is that I assumed my new responsibilities at the day job. For whatever reason, we all thought it would start with a trickle of incoming questions. Instead we got a deluge — at least for one person (namely me) handling it all. I’m so glad I didn’t waste any time beforehand preparing stock answers for anticipated questions, because, for the most part, we didn’t get the kind of questions we thought we would.

Fortunately, the influx slowed down by the end of the week and that gave me a chance to reflect on what my new responsibilities will entail. Some situations were real eye-openers. If getting some answers is difficult for someone like me who’s within the company, then imagine how hard it must be for those who aren’t. So, my job might bring me to make recommendations for improvements. I’m not saying that my advice will be followed, inertia, turf sensitivities and complicated procedures being inherent to large organizations, but 18 years after earning my degree in PR, I might be closer than ever to applying what I learned back then. And I’m getting to help adapt and shape something that’s totally new to my area of the organization, so that’s the fun part of any challenge.

That said, I’m thinking about how there are only 13 workdays left for me this year and my fill-in is nowhere in sight. But that’s not for me to worry about, and trust me, once I’m with El Poema, I won’t be worried about it.