Well, That Wasn’t So Bad!

So, I have canned goods in the cupboard that I can heat up if I don’t feel like cooking. Although some 100,000 Nova Scotia households may have had (and might still have) a power disruption, mine wasn’t one of them. The power may have flashed just enough to turn off two of my three computers, but that’s it.

A huge gust of wind woke me up at what I thought was 5:00 am. I got up for a bit, and that’s when I remembered that time was going back one hour overnight. So this is the time of year for us that we get back that hour we lost last April. Anyway, I eventually went back to bed, and it was a bit difficult to fall back asleep with the wind blowing so hard, as the wind was coming from the southwest and my bedroom is on the southwest corner of the building. I definitely felt a few jolts, but hey, if it’s going to blow down the house, what difference does it make if I’m sleeping or awake? So I finally just fell asleep.