I’m Impressed!

I just finished doing a significant transfer with my online banking, which of course is with my “day job place,” and no less than 10 minutes later, the phone rang. They were checking to make sure it was a legitimate transaction and that I had done it. A few minutes earlier, I was on the phone with someone else in another department to help me figure out a recent transaction, and the gentleman at the other end of the line was extremely helpful. All I can say is that if the clients of my department get — or more importantly, feel they get — the same level of service — and my department spot-check stats suggest an extremely high satisfaction rate — then I’m very impressed with my day-job employer. Too bad I draw the line in this blog and make a point of never mentioning it by name. In fact, I’m making a point of turning off comments on this post …not that I get many comments lately. *sigh*

Where to Put My Head

Oh my gosh, what a crazy week! The days at the day job have been long, and I worked on the other job every night except last night. I just had no energy left; I could only flop on the couch, watch bad TV and drink red wine. I was in bed by midnight.

It turns out that El Poema saw my good news from earlier this week as a positive. I can’t get into any of details here — that is, about neither the good news nor the reasons why he might have some reservations — yet I’m sure you’re probably wondering why he wouldn’t view favorably something that’s undeniably a good turn of events for me. Let’s just say some things are never easy.

There are so many “life” things I need to do these days that I simply keep putting off. Very ordinary things, such as shopping for things I need to replace, like my jean jacket. So, since I had to buy coffee beans today, I went to the mall where, lo and behold, there was a big sale. I walked out with not only a new jacket but also a sweater and a new pair of 501s — all for about 80 bucks. Since I can only take so much shopping at one time, I didn’t venture into shoe shopping although I desperately need a pair or three of new shoes.

Man! Too much work has turned me into a total bore. Yet I keep hoping that it’ll be clear sailing once I get over the hump. In other words, the usual story…