It’s Raining Work

Oh. My. Gawd.

I was just recently telling El Poema that I’m trying to clear the docket of the work I have and won’t be taking anything new afterwards. But here comes an existing client today with a request for a new module. And yesterday, another existing client came knocking. Meanwhile, work at the day job is incredibly busy these days. So yeah, I’m completely overwhelmed right now.

So what’s the bright side of all of this… Well, I can argue that it’ll be nice when all the cheques for that work come in. And it’s bringing closer and faster to a near-zero deficit situation, which I should want given the international nature of the El Poema/Maurice relationship.

Okay, that’s the angle I’m going to take whenever I feel overwhelmed and exhaused and don’t know how I’ll ever plow through it all before the Mexico trip and/or the Montreal move. In other words, whenever I feel like I feel right now.