— The laundry’s done, the cell phone’s charged, and I’ve put out several work-related fires today. I only have one more e-mail to write and pack some clothes in my suitcase.

— At this rate, I should get about 6 hours sleep for my drive to QuĂ©bec City tomorrow.

DC was over late this afternoon and early evening, and he really is delicious.

— For the TMI file: I think I could easily turn into a little piggy. 😛

I’m off and I’ll probably not be writing again here until late next week. So, see ya!

Always More Complicated Than Expected

On the plus side, I’m making progress with my work. On the down side, as always, it’s taking a lot more time than I thought it would.

When I decided to postpone my departure for QuĂ©bec City to Thursday morning, I knew that I wouldn’t complete what I started. But I postponed anyway because I know that if I didn’t solve a particular puzzle with which I’m struggling, I would be haunted by it all the time I’m away but unable to try out my latest “bright idea.” I’m glad I booked those accommodations in QC and MontrĂ©al, for if I hadn’t, I could see myself cancelling my trip so that I could finish. But that would be really bad, because my next extended vacation won’t occur until well into 2008. I only get 16 vacation days at the day job and we’re not encouraged to take them all at once.

I’m not sure how much more work I’ll get done today, for I also have to do some laundry and generally get ready for my trip. Plus DC (i.e., “delicious character”) may be paying me a visit sometime today. So much to do! Ah-hum! 🙂