My 25th Anniversary

Michael FranksI think I just figured out why I’m in such a nostalgic mood these days. It’s simple, really, and I wonder why it didn’t occur to me sooner.

Exactly 25 years ago this week, a series of events yanked me out of the closet. I was 16, only turning 17 two months later.

Living on the Inside (mp3, 5.3 MB, 5:39)
Sombre as it may seem, this song from Tiger in the Rain is the anthem of my coming out. I can still remember listening to it over and over and over 25 years ago. I remember aspiring for the comfortable mood that song inspired in me.

Sanpuko (mp3, 4.0 MB, 5:39)
This one is also from Tiger in the Rain, and I remember spending many evenings in 1982 at Crackers in Moncton with The Quad or ‘Nique. (Bonjour, mon amie!) That’s when I started drinking coffee. And that’s where we first heard Michael Franks.

After that, Michael Franks followed me everywhere. With the South American ladies visiting Halifax in 1990…
Anthony’s Song (mp3, 4.8 MB, 5:05)
The Lady Wants to Know (mp3, 4.4 MB, 4:44)

…at my fantastic Morris Street bachelor apartment… (this one, ironically, reminds me of a remarkably warm late-October morning after a very inconsequential trick with the knitting sailor)
How I Remember You (mp3, 5.3 MB, 5:11)

…and at Fort Needham…
Abandoned Garden (mp3, 6.3 MB, 5:24)

…forever endearing to the summer person that I am…
Dragonfly Summer (mp3, 4.7 MB, 5:03)

…and bringing a smile through a bit of frivolity.
When Blackbirds Fly (mp3, 3.1 MB, 3:17)

Twenty-five years… Wow! How did that happen?