Do Not Unto Others

As of this evening, this blog is coming to you from a new server. Oh no, same hosting company; just a different server. After five-and-a-half years of incredibly excellent service at my Web host, I wouldn’t leave. In fact, I was thinking the other day about how I haven’t had to worry if my night-job’s websites are up, because they simply always are. My Web host really redefines “peace of mind” for me.

However, because of how I’ve encrypted my CMS, some of my client’s sites right now are inaccessible. After about six hours of this, I broke down and submitted a trouble ticket. I hated doing it, but I know that at least two of my clients are likely to go apeshit tomorrow if the problem persists and will be making my phone ring off the hook when I won’t be able to answer their calls because I’ll be preoccupied by my day job.

I’ve always hated submitting trouble tickets to service providers, but especially this one because I go on the assumption — a good one, I think — that there’s a method to their madness. 🙂 I know how it feels when clients (from either of my jobs) expect me to drop everything to solve their problem: it breaks the flow of the work you’re trying to get done. Plus, since I don’t know what that flow is for what my Web host is currently doing, I feel that I’m just getting in the way by asking.

Okay, I’m weird. And a wuss. But moreover, I think it’s that, as a bit of a workaholic myself who has more than enough work on his plate, I find it difficult to ask people to do more work.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m so very Canadian.

Speaking of how I encrypt my CMS, that reminds me that I never resolved the issue of my license for the software I use to do that. It came up for renewal just as I began my day job, and despite following all the necessary steps to renew it, it hasn’t worked since. Pursuing the matter is just another one of those things that has fallen on the wayside since mid-March. And now that I’ve let it go for so long, it’s almost too embarrassing to pursue it again.

Heck! I’m not just very Canadian. I’m just plain hopeless.

And P.S.: Less than 30 minutes after I submitted my ticket, my Web host is already on it…