Then and Now …Whatever: Take 2

Funny that Brian just posted an editorial from fab on roughly the topic I wrote about in my last post. It does not address specifically the motives for barebacking, aside, perhaps, that it’s “mechanically” better for some guys. However, interesting is the mention that being seen as slutty holds a stigma that can make one less desirable and so on.

Well, for the record, I guess I can count myself among the lucky ones: condoms do not induce any “problems of performance” on my part. It may also be generational for me in that I became sexually active just around the time that HIV/AIDS was identified and condoms, short of abstinence, were tauted as the best protection, so they have always been something with which I’ve had to be inventive so that they don’t become an obstruction to fun. Yes, I consider myself lucky that, for me, they’re as automatic as putting on my seatbelt when I sit in a car.

I still can’t comprehend how some guys figure that if they contract HIV, they plan to simply say, “Oh well, I’ll just go on the drugs the rest of my life.” I mean, thank gawd those damn drugs exist, but since when are we suppose to take so lightly the thought of going on chimotherapy? Then again, I should confess that I dislike the thought of taking any medication. One time, I didn’t bother get one for antibiotics filled since I figured it was useless and alarmist, and, some 5 years later, I don’t think I’m worse off for not having taken the prescription. But setting aside my personal aversion to prescription drugs, I still say that the effects of antiretrovirals is one picnic I’d rather avoid.