Yes, I Will Blog Again

I started a blog entry the day after I returned from Montreal, but I never finished it and it’s still in my drafts. I do hope to get around to it again soon. And not only to that entry, but to blogging in general.

I’m happy to report that the new job is going very well. There’s one heck of a lot to learn, mind you, and the fact my trainer is so damn good is putting a bit of pressure on me. But then I have to remember that he’s been at this employer for more than a quarter century while I just completed my 10th day. I’ll eventually be working from home, but I’m still waiting for my company-sanctioned computer, which I’m told is on its way. Its arrival will trigger a chain of events that will lead me to working independently shortly thereafter. However, given I still have some stuff to learn, I’m not minding the extended training period.

As is always the case when I go on a blogging hiatus, I’ve often wanted to write a new entry but had neither the time nor the energy to do so. And when I do get the time and energy again, those topics will be too old to blog about. But then, the world hasn’t stopped because I stopped blogging, so that certainly places everything back in perspective in my mind……