Nothing Is Obvious

Recently I wrote about my reaction to Newman’s Mulroney tapes and how, despite still not liking the man, I do see him differently and perhaps even more favorably than before. Now the news is that Mulroney is suing Newman, essentially disputing ownership of the tapes and how any profits from them should be distributed. It’ll be interesting to see where this suit goes and observe the public’s reaction to it. Something tells me that if the matter were left to the court of public opinion, which alas is seldom fair, Mulroney wouldn’t get much sympathy even 12 years after leaving power. Certainly Trudeau was in better shape in that court after that amount of time; his (probably ill-guided and stubborn) pronouncements on Meech Lake and Charlottetown had more resonance than Mulroney’s a short while ago when he praised the Free Trade Agreement on its anniversary. The Ontario Superior Court will, as it’s bound to do, have to stick to very narrow legal arguments on whether or not Newman really is in breach of contract.