aMMusingly Appropriate, Appropriately aMMusing

Last Saturday or Sunday night, the Mackay Bridge — one of the two suspension bridges spanning Halifax Harbour — looked exactly like the illustration in the banner of aMMusing. I remember choosing this WordPress template because I had many times seen either bridge look like that. But seeing it again last weekend, conversely, made me think about aMMusing. Funny that.

The Momma’s Boy’s Perspective

Never have I denied being a momma’s boy. I don’t even see it as an accusation or a failing. I think a lot of it stems from the fact I admire how that individual, who just happens to be my mother, operates.

For one thing, she isn’t one to hold a grudge. Oh sure, she gets pissed off and she doesn’t mince words when she is pissed off, but once it’s off her chest, it’s over. Vindictiveness is not part of her vocabulary, and that’s something I admire very much in her. I see it as a virtue that I wish to hold as well.

But another thing about her I admire is the tenacity with which she immediately searches for the positive within a very bad situation. In a life-altering situation like my father’s death last year, the positive she immediately found was, “Thank God his suffering is over.” In a more trivial, day-to-day event like getting locked out of the house, which even the locksmith had trouble getting into, she concluded, “Well, kids, you don’t need to worry about my safety in this house, ’cause it’s like a fortress!” Perhaps it’s her survival instinct or her sanity checker that kicks in, but she always looks for a positive angle, even if that angle is a little flip, for at least it injects a bit of humour to defuse the bad situation a little tiny bit.

I’ve just lived through one of the most emotionally draining weeks of my life, which I’m not going to get into here. Aside from the very real turmoil I felt, I could choose to also take into account the work I didn’t get done this week. But I’m not, because I figure that I’ll just rebound from that, as I always do. Instead, I’m looking with a high degree of amusement at how the stress of the last week has made me reach an unrelated goal I’ve set for myself about three months ago. And that is: in a single week, I’ve lost the last five pounds I wanted to lose.

Yeah, I know that’s flip in view of the turmoil of the last week, especially since that’s the least important and most unrelated outcome of said turmoil which, in the final analysis, has yielded numerous and far more significant positive outcomes. But I can’t help thinking right now how that’s the kind of thing my mom would notice and comment on, with a little, badly concealed smile revealing that she’s aware that the observation is both absurd and just on the line of inappropriateness. And here I am, like mother, like son…