Major Interference

I suspect that my dear, hard-working computer didn’t take well to being shut down abruptly TWICE due to those short power failures the other day. I think it’s been since about that time that the poor thing would get really sluggish and in need of an increasingly frequent “Refresh Me” reboot. Around New Year’s I checked if I needed to do a disk defrag. WinXP assured me I didn’t back then, but it thought it would be a good idea tonight! Now that I’ve done it, everything’s back to normal.

What was weird that day is that the weather was calm, so that didn’t explain why the power went off. Tonight might be a different story, though. A surprise blizzard has started to hit Halifax about an hour ago, and we’re expecting anywhere between 20 to 40 centimetres (or 8 to 16 inches) of snow, high winds, and possibly ice pellets to cap it all off. That means most of us can expect a day off tomorrow. Except if that’s what’s going to happen, let us remain with the heat and lights in our homes. If it doesn’t turn out that way, I expect Nova Scotia Power is going to have to face a riot (once we’re all digged out). The utility has received a lot of harsh criticism recently — much of it deserved — which is leading many to wonder if this is one of the long-term results of privatization (i.e., chronic neglect of the infrastructure). Surely in the past, power failures weren’t the first thing we’d expect and fear whenever a winter storm would blow in.

What the Heck is a “Queer Eye”?

Sometimes when I watch TV, what I see makes me cringe. I literally have to look away from the screen. I’m not talking about scenes of horror like the many we’ve seen in the wake of the south Asian tsunami, although they’re certainly gut wrenching and sad. No, I’m simply referring to thoroughly bad TV, which, with the rise of quasi “all ‘reality’ all the time,” is becoming the norm.

what_an_asshole.jpgThe emotions I feel upon the misfortune of setting my eyes on Carson Kressley range from embarrassment to a deep desire to hit him. This coming from a guy who’s not violent by nature, that’s saying a lot. (Come on! Don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t want to deck a guy with a self-satisfied grin like that!)

Bitchy queens and diva wannabes have always grated on my nerves, which I believe is the result of how, to me, style is not as important as substance. In other words, my trouble with people like Carson has nothing to do with how he makes my mother look like a diesel dyke. What’s more, Carson is not even remotely funny. In fact, when I consider that he’s only 4 years younger than I am and goes around wearing the stuff he does, he’s pretty damn sad.

The basic premise of Queer Eye is pretty weak, too. I’m the first to admit that there’s an overrepresentation of gays and lesbians in “artistic” endeavours. I’ve also seen a lot of stuff in my adult life go from being queer/gay to mainstream. When I got my ear pierced some 20 years ago, it was a pretty gay thing to do. These days, however, my “gaydar” is forever returning false positives. But it just seems to me that Queer Eye distorts — even trivializes — the notion of gays’ impact on mainstream culture. The “Fab Five” are not at the forefront of culture as much as they are perfect, materialistic consumers, and little else.

If I were to look at the “Fab Five” and then look at the way I dress, or the decor and state of my apartment, then the only conclusion I could reach is that I must be a “fag manqué.” So, now that I’ve come out as lacking the obligatory fabulous glamour to be truly gay, and that I’m making it known that I chose to spend my Saturday night at home to work, I wonder if I should expect a knock on my door so that my membership card can be revoked.

Wondering What It Will Take

Last week the fruitless search for “weapons of mass destruction” ended in Iraq, a fact American right-wing bloggers are conveniently ignoring or spinning with the most bizarre contortions. And now this news story comes along regarding the upcoming elections in Iraq:

Iraq is considering imposing a three-day, nationwide ban on driving to head off car bombings starting Jan. 29, Iraqi security officials told reporters Saturday.

The threat of increased violence was the reason why every election worker in Ninevah province quit recently, said the U.S. general responsible for security in northern Iraq.

I guess we’re just supposed to agree with the ilk of Rumsfeld that “democracy is messy.”

Spreading democracy my ass.