Sometimes, Something Bugs You So Much…

…that you can’t even bother to mention it every time it bugs you.

Yo-yoing gas prices is one such thing. I met up with a friend for dinner one night about a week ago, and as we stepped out of the restaurant, we walked by a gas station. He made a comment about how regular unleaded gas was down to $0.789/litre, to which I simply said, “Yeah, but don’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow morning and find it at $0.849.” When the prices go down, it’s by never more than one or two cents at a time. But they can spike overnight by six cents, with no apparent rhyme or reason for the increase.

The next morning, the price of gas didn’t go up 6 cents as I sardonically remarked. They went up by 6 cents the morning after that! I was kicking myself because I hadn’t filled up the day before, and the fill up I needed would cost an extra $2 for the exact same gas.

It pisses me off — not so much the increase as the mind game that’s being played on us.