I Mean, “Duh!”

I promise I’ll be posting a few fresh blog entries soon, but right now I just want to get something off my chest.

If you’re going to send me an e-mail message, please give it a significant title. I can’t tell you how many messages I receive with the title “Website.” I mean …I’m a bloody webmaster! Chances are, if you’re contacting me, it very likely has something to do with your ONE website, but I’m overseeing the smooth operation of some 20+ websites myself. You might as well just give your message the title “Thing” while you’re at it! For me, this gets as much on my tits as titling a message “Hey!” or “Hi!”

I also have to “train” my clients to be more specific as to WHERE they want text they send me to be posted. Half of them are pretty good at specifying exactly where they want it. But the other half expect me to find where it would best fit. That wasn’t what I signed up for.

Yeah, I’m damn cranky today! I have a whole bunch of reasons other than these little details, but it’s those details that seem to have pushed me over the edge today.