Opera Today

Following Kevin‘s advice, I downloaded the newest version of Opera and gave it a whirl. So far I have to say that I can’t seem to get used to it. Given a choice between Firefox and Opera, I would choose Firefox. However, I’m glad I now have a recent version of Opera on my computer, as I’ll be able to check how my sites render with that browser as well. So far so good, except for a few glitches. In fact, I’m quite pleased with the relative lack of wild differences among browsers.

It Doesn’t Take Much

You know, I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve managed to keep off the weight I lost last spring. I’ve succumbed to several temptations, but after a short period of “redress,” everything would fall back to where they were prior to the Moment of Sin. Indiana Jones still can’t piss me off by grabbing my “boobies” because they’re effectively gone. Yay!

However, last weekend we drove up to Moncton to visit BeeGoddessC so that Indiana could give her a hand selling her creations at the city market. And I immediately threw all dietary caution to the wind. It started with a stopover at Deluxe French Fries on Friday night. Then, throughout the weekend, I indulged in a constant gorgefest of potatoes, bread and sweets like none I’ve had in months!

It was wonderful …and insightful, too. I immediately noticed how I was always hungry for more empty carbs. Heck! I was just plain hungry all the time! By Sunday night, driving back to Halifax, I figured that if I’m to blow it I might as well blow it big, so I even got some timbits from Tim Horton’s in Debert. The result: I’ve promptly put on 5 pounds in just a little more than three days! Plus, although it wasn’t noticeable, I definitely felt bloated like I never do when I’m more selective in what I eat and control the carbs, fat and calories.

In the two days since I’ve been back and watching again what I eat, I’ve dropped about 2 or 3 pounds, so I know this weekend’s gain is short-term. If ever I doubted the cause-effect relationship, now I no longer can. However, even more interesting to me is not that I feel that I’m depriving myself now, but that I honestly feel better when I limit my junk intake. I remember how, prior to my “big loss,” I couldn’t understand why I was ballooning when I knew for a fact that my caloric intake wasn’t excessive. But now I understand, in a way I never thought I could. I’ll probably allow myself to go a little crazy again at Christmas, but by then I won’t be building on this past weekend’s excesses. In the past, I was building upon excess after excess, not realizing that there were excesses.

Funny that…

The Fan Update

I’ve compared the blasted fans above my head to many things, most recently to a constant wind. But I’ve decided that a better comparison would be to get you to imagine that you’re on a airplane. No, it’s not quite that intense, but the thing about being on a plane is that it’s occasional and comes to an end after a few hours or so. So while what I have to contend with is lower grade, it’s constant — 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But a glimmer of hope came last week after a little talk with the building’s super. It would seem that a tenant of a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor is thinking about buying a house and thus move out of the building within the next year. The tenant above him, an older lady who’s become less mobile with age, wouldn’t mind taking advantage of his move and take over his apartment. Thus I could take her apartment.

There are several upsides. First, I would get as far away as I can from the bloody fans while still remaining in the building. And second, the apartment would have a full balcony instead of a shared one like I currently have. But there are downsides, too. I’m a little worried about having tenants above me, having lived 10 years on the top floor of this building, but apparently those who would be above me aren’t bad at all. Another concern I have is that I would lose my harbour view. And, there’s the fact I would be facing the brewery, which I never smell from my current apartment. However, I think I can safely say that, faced with the choice of those downsides and the fans above my head right now, the former win. Completely moving out of the building will be my last resort, for I hate moving and the rent in this place is just about the most affordable I could ever find while remaining on peninsular Halifax.

So how crazy is that! I might be moving in 2005 for the first time in 10 years. The move might only be a few feet away, but it’ll be a move nonetheless. Where I have a lot of heavy furniture and a weak back, I will still need to hire a few “brick shithouse” guys to get my stuff to my new digs. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see when buddy decides to take the plunge and buy his new house. But, I’m sure, when the move is done, you’ll be happy to hear the end of my whining. 🙂


Yeah, I finally tried Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and I like it even though I don’t see that much difference between it and Netscape 7.1. I do miss no longer being able to type a URL in the location bar and pressing Ctrl-Shift-Enter to open it in a new tab; I’m still having trouble remembering to type Ctrl-T first. And I’m one of those who actually used “View Page Info,” the equivalent of which I haven’t found in Firefox if it exists. But Firefox’s interface is definitely cleaner and I like the way the text in an activated tab is bold. And I like the way it seamlessly brought in my bookmarks and such from NS 7.1.

So, while I’ll probably end up making it my default browser, I’ll still have to check sites I develop in IE and NS since they’re much more widely used — especially the gawd-forsaken IE.