Breaking the Silence

The first thing I noticed when I got up today was that the fans weren’t on. It turns out that yesterday’s blizzard and today’s deep freeze have screwed up more than half the infernal engines — except mine, of course — so they all had to be turned off. The theory now is that in order for them not to freeze up like that, they must NEVER be turned off, especially during the winter. So once they get fixed, it’ll be 24/7 humming and rumbling — no more 8 hour a day reprieve. *sigh*

The good news is that the cop is likely to move out within the next 8 months. The apartment in which I hope to move is in need of a lot of repair, but the idea seems to be that we can take a transitional month with only one vacant apartment to allow repairs to be done and move people around. Still, I’ll be engaging a Plan B early in 2005.

In the meantime, I’ll breathe in the last hours of golden silence I’ll ever have in this apartment.

Expressions That Come and Go

In French, the verb composer has pretty well the same meanings as the verb “to compose” in English. Recently, however, I’ve been hearing francophones use composer something along the lines of “to improvise in view of changed circumstances.” For instance, on a TV interview, the guest might mention that she got divorced this year yet, at the same time, has had more gigs than in previous years, thus “Je dois composer avec ça” — “I must ‘compose’ with that.”

It’s not that I dislike this turn of phrase. It’s just that I hear it all the time these days on Radio-Canada. I’m the kind of guy who notices such things, and I’m pretty sure it’s being said more often than before, particulary among Canadian French speakers. I wonder if it’s just a fad or if it’s here to stay.

The Height of Absurdity

Now spammers of older versions of MT have become totally absurd. As much as I’ve always had trouble understanding the “reasoning” behind spamming comments to lure people to their stinking website, I simply cannot grasp why someone would want to spam with links to websites that don’t exist (i.e., website addresses that are merely a series of random letters), except that for such asswipes with too much time on their hands, it’s probably just a matter of “because I can.” You can’t add all those bogus URLs to a blacklist because there are simply too many, plus they all use bogus IPs.

I know there exists plugins to close off comments. However, with my extensive knowledge of PHP and MySQL, it’ll be just as easy to create my own script that I can set in a cron job and will shut comments after so many days. Alas, I’ll have to manually “rebuild” the blog once in a while, as I’m not about to try to figure out what the heck that whole rebuilding process entails. That rebuilding thing in MT has always struck me as unnecessary and cumbersome. I suspect it’s a vestige of the very early days of MT when there wasn’t any built-in MySQL support.

Sure, it’s a PITA to have to come up with something like this because of arseholes’ idea of fun. However, it’s still not enough to get me to migrate to a new version of MT or an entirely different blogging package. I’m more inclined to develop my own blogging software one day than to do that…

Who the Hell Cares?

If there’s one type of signs that completely baffle me, it has to be stores that triumphantly announce, “Under New Management.” That’s a matter of importance to the employees of a given joint, but consumers couldn’t care less. I don’t get what leads anyone to believe such an announcement will lure customers.

I Would Like to Thank the Academy…

Well, actually, not the Academy but my building’s super. The gift of silence he gave me for Christmas Day really was golden. This is the second day that things have returned to the New Normal and now I fully understand how I’m not completely nuts for fantasizing about going on the roof with an ax and pounding the shit out of the infernal engines that have ruined my humble abode.

But that’s just fantasy. I would be the first suspect if something like that happened. Plus, I couldn’t afford to pay the cost of destoying property, which I believe would be higher than any satisfaction I’d derive from the destruction.

Practically speaking, I’ll make a point of dropping in on my super to thank him. But I’ll also ask if it’d be okay to call the cop who intends to move out to get a sense of an ETD. Regardless, I should make one resolution for 2005: Look into and apply for co-op housing. The concept itself just seems so sensible if outright ownership isn’t an option anytime soon.