The Theatre Department within which BeeGoddessM works is presenting Metamorphoses this week. The BeeGoddess maintains the department’s website (mostly with TextStyleM, of course!) and has taken and posted these amazing pictures of the rehearsal and the building of the set. Check it out: I think it’s going to be an excellent production. And if you’re in the Halifax area, you should definitely consider seeing this play.

Make a Geek Happy

The first standards-complaint TextStyleM-driven website is going to go live on or around December 1st, a full month ahead of schedule, and it seems from the comments that have come in that the client’s impressed with the new site and the fact it got put together so quickly.

Promise low, deliver high. I’m glad it has made the client happy, for I’m happy, too.

I Should Be Honoured, but I’m Not

Shortly after George W. Bush won the presidential election in the United States in early November, Canada’s Prime Minister Martin called him to offer his congratulations. The Canadian media was in a buzz, for apparently Martin had invited Bush for a visit, and Bush tentatively accepted. About two weeks later it was made official: Bush was coming for a formal visit to Ottawa on November 30 and December 1.

And then the shocker came last Wednesday: He will also be swinging by Halifax on his way out, along with Colin Powell (I can abide him somewhat) and Condoleezza Rice (she makes me want to gag). Officially he’s expected to give a speech to thank Atlantic Canadians for their hospitality when all flights were grounded on September 11, 2001. Indeed, our geographical location on the northwestern edge of the Atlantic made us the closest and most logical place to land in a hurry.

But there was quite a bit of flap shortly afterwards, for when George “Don’t Forget Poland” Bush listed countries he wished to thank for their support in the aftermath of that horrible day, he missed Canada. When this was pointed out, Canadians were made to feel that they were being silly once again. Why thank people whom we consider family, damage controllers tried to say; the gratitude is implied. Then in the winter of 2003 came the coup de grâce that put a chill on Canada/US relations: the announcement by lame-duck Prime Minister Chrétien that, in keeping with the opinion of the majority, Canada would not join military intervention in Iraq.

Now comes the official thank you for our hospitality from Mr. Bush, more than three years late. As you can imagine, few of us here are impressed.

In fact, as with most places Bush goes, protests are brewing. It’ll be interesting to see how that’ll work out, as those who surround and protect him have a way of shielding him from such protests. By no means am I saying that he should be put in harm’s way while he’s here, if only because I don’t want quiet little Halifax, Nova Scotia, to become infamous in American history. But I do find it discouraging that he’s not made to see how few are those who think very much of him and his administration’s policies, thereby showing him that the “politcal capital” he believes he has is not as great as he deludes himself into thinking. Moreover, I look forward to seeing the extent to which Canadians’ right to protest will be curtailed during the visit of an reviled American president.

But then, who am I but a commie pinko Canadian.