Scrubbers in Need of Change

Workers at Aliant, Atlantic Canada’s regional phone company, were on strike from April 23 until about 10 days ago. My Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Aliant. Before the strike, the techies installed some kind of server-side spam killer which seemed to work quite well. But, due to the strike, it obviously hasn’t been updated in quite some time. I now receive some 30 to 40 spam messages every day — mostly pr0n-related — and well over 95 percent of them are coming through my telco account. While I’m sure there’s tons for the techies to catch up on now that they’re back to work, I still fired off a complaint/suggestion that they should make the updating of their spam killer a high priority. In the meantime, since hardly anyone sends me messages to that address, I have set Eudora to stop automatically checking for new mail on that account.

And speaking of spam, as much as I can’t comprehend the mindset of spammers, I REALLY can’t understand those who insist on spamming MT-powered blogs. Oh sure, I have the blacklist plugin and all, but several still manage to come through. But as annoying as they are, I’m still not prepared to upgrade to a newer version of MT. If it weren’t for the spamming of comments, MT is, as the Queen of Sheba‘s mother would say, “Good enough for the boys I go out with.”