She’s Officially Real Now

A few weeks ago, I told you that Poupoune had passed her law exams. Well, today’s the day she was called to the Bar. Suddenly I’m reminded of a phone call we had almost 5 years ago, when she announced to me that she had decided to start law school a few weeks later. Back then I didn’t doubt that she could make it. But I did worry about how huge and life-changing her decision was.

And there she is now, officially a lawyer…


Ah! Summer finally arrived in Nova Scotia yesterday. In fact, it was stinkin’ hot in Halifax: 32C (90F), which doesn’t happen that often. The high 20s aren’t that unusual in the summer, but the 30s are. Now we’re back on a stretch of high teens (high 60s F), with more sunshine than cloud and rain. That’s damn good, since May and early June were so grey and wet that most Haligonians thought that moss was starting to grow between their toes and under their arms.

Now comes the catch: Will I have the time to enjoy the summer (see previous entry)? It’s in times like these that I half wish I had a “real” job with paid vacation time. But, as usual, as much as that perk would be nice, I get an overwhelming feeling of dread just thinking about such a job. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to having one of those again…

Fallen Again

I’m going through another one of those “I’ve fallen into the computer” phases. It’s so bad, in fact, that I’m having trouble sleeping these days. The schemas for so many functions or features I’m building into my TextStyleM‘s intranet module are coming to me faster than I can develop them. Last night, for instance, I was in bed for 3 hours, unable to sleep because I kept trying to think about how to solve a problem I’m having. (I had to get up and study some code as the sun was rising this morning.) And when that’s not what’s keeping me awake, it’s the thought of the basic core functions I still need to complete, which probably wouldn’t take that long to realize if I could concentrate on them, but I can’t because I’ve got a tight deadline for the more esoteric intranet features I promised to build (and which will lead to a respectable amount of cash upon delivery). However, when I’m working on a complicated module, I keep thinking of other features or enhancements I should build into it. It’s a bit like starting off with the idea of building a $100,000 house and ending up with a $350,000 house. And worse, once I’ve sold myself to the enhancements, I can’t bring myself to back out.

Anyway, this to say that I’ve been quite distracted lately whenever I’m around people, because my mind simply isn’t there. I’m also unable to pay much attention to the blogs I usually read every day; my attention span is shot for such things. I can’t even bring myself to steal a hour to give Junior a bath he so desperately needs right now…

Quick End of Story

If I reach your blog for the first tme and notice that you list Instapundit and/or Andrew Sullivan as a “favorite read,” I stop reading pretty quickly and never come back to your blog. That listing tells me enough about you to know we’d just want to pull each other’s eyes out in a nasty cat fight. So I choose to spare you from “suffering” me. Besides, I only get ulcers from reading the stupid and/or slanderous things you write about progressives.

I’m Getting Scared

There are polls showing that the current federal election campaign not only has the Liberals and Conservatives in a dead heat, but that the Conservatives may be leading by a few points — just enough to raise the possibility of what was unthinkable a few months ago: a Conservative minority government headed by Stephen Harper.

This is a really bad thing, folks, if you care for the continuance of those cherished Canadian values of progressiveness and tolerance. I mean, I understand how the electorate can be pissed off at the Liberals, but PLEASE take a closer look at the alternative you’re about to pick. Don’t just be angry; THINK! Moreover, REMEMBER that conservatives NEVER deliver what they promise to the common people. In both Canada and the U.S., after conservative governments preaching lower taxes and smaller government, the country ends up with more taxes and bigger government.

Hey, Canadians, remember the Goods and Services Tax? Never mind that the Liberals didn’t repeal it as they promised back in ’93. The fact remains it was a Conservative government that brought us that much-hated tax. And hey, Nova Scotians, Hamm’s tax cut? Notice how he had to rescind it ’cause the province simply couldn’t afford it. You can’t have well-staffed hospitals and pothole-free roads for nothing!

Think of it: Conservatives don’t even deliver on what is supposed to be their strong point. So why should we believe Stephen Harper when he says he will remove candidates (or MPs) who don’t back equality rights? If Harper is consistent as a Conservative, he will surely break that promise, too, if he gets to office.

To vote Conservative at this point is a knee-jerk reaction. Please don’t do it.