Nothin’ to Spit At

When I updated aMMusing‘s About page, I added “Lose approx. 25 lbs by Summer 2004” as one of my goals. That goal was set when I thought I was one or two pounds shy of 200 pounds, meaning I was hoping to reach 175. Well, as of today, tipping my ungenerous scale at 181, I’m only 6 pounds shy of that goal, bringing the real total loss to 15 pounds, give or take one either way. The question is, when I reach my initial stated goal, will I set another one to bring me closer to those charts I saw, or will I be satisfied that, according to this BMI calculator, I would be in the high end of “normal weight”?

Homophobia as bad as racism

At least that’s what Canadians seem to think, according to a recent CanWest/Global poll. It would be interesting to see how these numbers compare with Western European countries and the U.S. Still, as much as there’s room for improvement, it would be easy to forget what these numbers would have been like some 20 or 25 years ago. I choose not to forget, for the sake of perspective.

Without a Trace of Irony

Okay, I admit it! Like the many who would prefer to see the presidency of George W. Bush come to an end on Jan. 20, 2005, I am by no means a fan of John Kerry. He still strikes me as an opportunistic, slimy weasel, but I think at least he would be less damaging than GWB.

However, just now I’ve read a comment by an uber-conservative American blogger, who considers GWB a president who “isn’t afraid to do what’s right to protect our nation, even against great opposition,” calling John Kerry a putz.

1. Slang. A fool; an idiot.
2. Vulgar Slang. A penis.

That’s right. Say it! “John Kerry is a fool.” And hold the irony.

GWB over “a leader who is ‘presidential’ and captivates an audience with his smooth linguistic skills,” which John Kerry just happens not to be?

I think that crunching sound you’re hearing is my brain caving in on itself.

I Hate It When…

…something’s going on and I can’t blog about it. I can’t because it involves one of my clients and, even though I have strong opinions on what’s happening, I can’t (and don’t) conduct my work in a manner that would reveal which clan I’m privately cheering for. Yet I still managed to get in a bit of shit for following directions that were issued, then rescinded, within 1 hour. *Aaargh!!!*