Into the 4th Year of the Millenium

Don’t you find it hard to believe it was four years ago already that we were doing the countdown to Y2K? By this time four years ago, Oceania, Asia and eastern Europe and Africa had made the transition and there was a general sense of relief that the Y2K doomsday scenarios weren’t panning out. The fears were replaced by a sense hope and celebration, with the Western economies flying high, seemingly without end. I wasn’t convinced, mind you, since I knew it had to end eventually.

And indeed, in 2000, the bubble did burst. Plus the year ended with an ellipsis, namely an inconclusive presidential election in the United States. The Y2K predictions were wrong, but so was the optimism that reigned on January 1, 2000. The world began changing in ways we hadn’t expected. Then, in the first real year of the millenium came horror on a scale that defied comprehension and unleashed a series of events that have carved deeper divisions than before.

I find it nearly impossible to do a personal retrospective of 2003. While there have been many exceptions on the interpersonal level, my wish for 2003 has largely gone unheard on the global scale. And as I look ahead to 2004, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Professionally, it will be a pivotal year for me, with long, long work hours and few opportunities for fun.

Among the good things of 2003, I can think of:
¤ Poupoune and the Bar Hopper got together and they’re tremendously happy;
¤ BeeGoddessM has had brilliant successes in shedding the weed and pounds;
¤ my business did expand, although not quite as much as I was hoping a year ago, and
¤ I adopted Junior and got to rediscover a bit the pleasure of nowheres.

My most fervent wish for 2004: I want the neocons out of at least the White House in Washington. What happens in the States has so much impact worldwide. There needs to be more moderation. That said, should the neocons get back in, it will have to be a decisive win, which unfortunately seems unlikely either way.

As for me, well …maybe it’s appropriate for me to think of 2004 as a pivotal or transitional year. I will, after all, be turning 39 this year. I could be — in fact should be — setting the groundwork for my 40s. However, I’m shying away from making resolutions since I don’t think I can take the stress. Better to practice what I preach: one thing at the time.

Anyway, I think this post is sounding rather depressing when in fact I’m not really in a funk. So let me simply end by wishing you all…

a joyful and prosperous 2004.