Woes of *This* Blog Writer

Sometimes I go back days, weeks, even months in aMMusing and re-read stuff I’ve written. And the thing that drives me nuts is finding typos and poorly constructed sentences. In fact, it does more than just drive me nuts; I feel mortified when I find mistakes.

The most devastating ones, of course, are those I find in entries in which I rail against bad writing practices. However, I think that’s precisely when Murphy lurks to trip me up. The bastard!

But more fundamentally, I have this thing about leaving mistakes once I find them, even if they’re nested deep in a very old entry and I know readers of aMMusing understood what I meant. Quite simply, I can’t leave them there; I have to correct them. So, you can imagine that, for me, writing a blog entry can be time-consuming since I spend a lot of time revising it before switching it from “Draft” to “Publish.” And even after I switch to “Publish,” I make several more revisions before finally walking away.

The worst part is that I’m the same way with my e-mail. Most of my clients simply fire off messages and don’t pay much attention to how they write. And that’s fine: if it works for them… I, on the other hand, read my messages over several times before finally pressing “Send.” And I feel awful when I find a mistake in a message I sent — sometimes even if I sent it weeks ago.

The thing is, I’ve always been this way about my writing. I can drive myself crazy with it. Yet, cognitively, I know a few harmless mistakes aren’t the end of the world. Still…