I Shouldn’t Be Here

I sent Indiana Jones off on a plane to Montreal late yesterday afternoon. I should be there right now as well, with Junior. In fact, while running some errands yesterday, I was thinking about how I was supposed to be on some highway in Quebec at that time, not driving along Agricola Street.

But on the other hand there are five fingers, as they say. I’ve been making more meaningful progress on my work, and this week sans vacation leaves me feeling more satisfied than upset over how and why I had to cancel. Sure, it would’ve been nice to hang out in Montreal with Indiana during his birthday (on Saturday), but I’m sure we’ll have another opportunity soon enough — perhaps on my birthday.

On Not Getting All Worked Up

I have to admit that, even though I make a living off the Internet, I’m constantly in awe that the damned thing works in the first place. So many variables can trip up this highly decentralized system. And knowing that, plus given my natural disposition, I just take “problems” as they come and don’t get too worked up over them.

One early morning earlier this week, it was my Internet Service Provider, or ISP, that was having a bad night. I was working away when, all of a sudden, my connection to the world went dead. I double-checked to make sure it wasn’t just my computer acting up; when I concluded that it wasn’t and there was nothing I could do, I simply went to bed.

Tonight, something is up with DNS zones on Hosting Matters‘ servers. (By the way, check out their new look.) Don’t ask me to explain what exactly is wrong, for I wouldn’t make much sense even if I tried. What’s a little discombobulating for me is how all my accounts are currently on a single server, but some domains resolve while others don’t. Stranger still, some of the domains that don’t resolve are on an account that does. But rather than obsess over it since, once again, there’s nothing I can do, I decided to make an entry or two in the rather-neglected aMMusing. Besides, I have clear signs that xkot and Annette are on it, so why worry? (Even their own blogs aren’t resolving as I’m posting this entry…)

Seriously, though. If there’s one thing over which I simply can’t work myself up, it has to be about the failings of technology. I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect it might have something to do with how I view technology as a means rather than an end. Or it could simply be that I’ve long learned to accept that shit happens …and so what if it does.

Christmas will still happen on December 25th this year.