The Gradual Return

Indiana Jones, the Queen of Sheba and her son, Da Appetite Neverending (D.A.N.), and I returned from Fredericton late Thursday evening.

We all had a good time and, in the Queen’s case, a productive time as well on her research at the UNB library. Fredericton is a sleepy little city; the surroundings are pleasant, but there isn’t much to do and the array of restaurants could be much better for a place its size. We hardly saw the sun while we were there; it was mostly overcast or rainy and very humid, making the temperature in the low 20s feel much, much warmer. It felt like summer, though, and Hiker and his partner’s home, surrounded by trees and located in a pleasant, older part of Fredericton, was a delightful home base for me while in the city.

On Tuesday, Indiana and I went on a day trip to Saint John, Canada’s first incorporated city, about 100 km southeast of Fredericton. I must say that New Brunswick’s largest city is perhaps the most fascinating in the Maritime provinces, though I wouldn’t want to live there. Indiana nearly creamed his shorts several times as he spotted several patches of ashy soil or Japanese knot weed in various locations in the city’s centre, known as Trinity Royal — sure signs of archaelogical treasures underneath. I strongly urge you to visit the Trinity Royal website, although I admit that nothing compares to walking along the streets of a this city rebuilt in only a few years following the Great Fire of June 1877. Given how Saint John values its history, I would love to see some serious digging done in alleyways and courtyards of the Trinity Royal district, a venture I’m sure Indiana would love as much as the city’s historians and archivists.

I didn’t return to blogging immediately on Thursday night or Friday because Poupoune was in Halifax this weekend to (a) pick up her brother and his partner who are visiting from Toronto and (b) hop on spend time with the Bar Hopper. Friday afternoon, Indiana and I took Poupoune on a spin in Junior to Lawrencetown Beach, which was fogged out and decidedly cold. Then, after Indiana and I bathed Junior, we all met up from supper at a local Greek restaurant. Afterwards, Indiana and I “tortured,” as he puts it, the Bee Goddesses for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, after brunch at the Elephant’s Eye, we went to Peggy’s Cove, then Mahone Bay — a good way to spend a day. Today I was supposed to get back to work, but have only managed to do a few odd tasks. I plan to get back to some serious work tonight.