The Fuckwits Found Us!

I was looking through the statistics for the Halifax Pride ’03 website and discovered that a group calling itself “Take Back Canada” is spewing vitriol against Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm and Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly (also a Conservative) in particular for having proclaimed Pride Week.

“This week, Halifax will witness repeated perverted exhibitions of homosexual behaviour – all blessed by his ‘worship’ (what?!) Mayor Peter Kelly – and his buddy, John,” the above page warns. “Peter and John, you deserve to lose office,” the page goes on to say. “You’ve already lost the respect of the public.”

I wonder who’s the public they’re referring to, though. A recent Globe and Mail poll revealed that Nova Scotians are the Canadians who are MOST supportive of gay marriage, at 62 percent. And Nova Scotia, as a province, is hardly a hotbed of “liberalism“…

I guess it must be that white, unilingual, anglo-saxon, Christian, anti-choice, anti-anyone-who’s-not-just-like-me public. Which reminds me why, when I was studying public relations and communications, my instructors insisted on saying publics