And This Makes Me Crankier Still

So a poll published yesterday suggests Nova Scotians will be voting in a minority government on August 5, but it’s unclear if that minority will be lead by the Liverholes Liberals or the Possessive Corporatives Progressive Conservatives. What unimaginative voters Nova Scotians are for not trying to make the current opposition the governing party! The party that brought all the issues being debated in this election campaign is going to be relegated to third place? *sheesh*

But don’t forget: I’m not smoking so I’m particularly cranky.

This Makes Me Cranky

So, how can the price of regular unleaded gas up 7 cents a litre between suppertime and midnight?

Retailers say a number of factors have led to the spike in prices, including a general strike on production in Nigeria, production snags in Venezuela and delays in getting Iraqi oil back into the market.

Source: CBC Nova Scotia

It fucking boggles the mind. Seven cents a litre is something like a quarter a US gallon…

But don’t forget: I’m not smoking so I’m particularly cranky.

Checking In

Tonight I had the Bar Hopper, BeeGoddessM and Indiana Jones over for nachos, Saucisses Maurice, and fresh local strawberries and cream. Then the four of us sat on the balcony and smoked our faces off because, yup! We’re getting on the weedless wagon again.

It’s July 15th, and we agreed that was THE date.

The Bar Hopper is going to do it commando style cold turkey. But the rest of us admit we are too weak and will be turning to a greater power: The Patch. 😀


Indiana Jones and I had a few errands to run on Saturday and got sidetracked into buying a few items of clothing. He found the perfect Indiana Jones hat I couldn’t let him leave without. Mind you, now I’m unsure if it complements the Indiana Jones look or makes him look more like Crocodile Dundee. I’ll have to post a pic or two one of these days and ask what you all think.


You may have noticed Poupoune’s comment in the previous entry: She isn’t coming to Halifax after all. Fortunately for her, “work obligation” is the only excuse we were prepared to accept.


Next Monday, Indiana Jones, his mom, the Queen of Sheba, her visiting son and I are heading to Fredericton for a few days. And this brings up a bit of a dilemma for me.

You see, the Queen really is the last of the big-time smokers. Not only will Indiana and I be on the patch by then, but also I haven’t allowed anyone to smoke inside Junior. I don’t want to turn him into an ambulatory ashtray, especially since I’m leasing him and want to do everything I can to keep his value up by the end of his lease.

I know there shouldn’t be a dilemma at all. Junior is MY new car and I can make whatever rules I want. But, you have no idea how boring the Queen finds such “No smoking in the car” rules, and you haven’t had the 10+ year relationship I’ve had with her. Plus, if there’s one thing I don’t wish to become, it’s a pain-in-the-ass former smoker.

I will never forbid anyone from smoking in my apartment. Never. But Junior’s different somehow. Right now, more than anything else, he is evidence of my hard work as a freelancer. Modest as it is, my income of the last two years has come not from a formal job, but my freelancing effort. And it’s just now that I’ve felt secure enough to commit to monthly car payments. Somehow, that makes me appreciate Junior even more.

A testament to how much I value my friendship with the Queen is that I would bend my rule for her only if only the two of us were travelling to Fredericton. She could roll her window all the way down and blow her smoke out of it. But five of us, including Indiana’s aging mother whom I’ve just met and two of us attempting to quit smoking?