Stinking Hot

Yesterday’s weather forecast for today was so off, it’s not even funny. Despite the gusty wind from the WNW, it’s actually warmer in Shearwater right now than it is at the Halifax airport: 31C/88F, or 35C/95F with the humidex. And here I am, not at the beach. Waaaah!

Then again, it might be just as well. There can be too many people out there on a Sunday, including gawking families. If, unlike yesterday’s forecast for today, today’s forecast for tomorrow holds true, then a sunny 25C/77F will be much more comfortable for an afternoon along the shore.

Afterthought, 3:40 PM — I just walked over to the corner store and back. Incredibly hot! One has to marvel at the extremes — how we can have Florida temperatures AND something like this within four months.

Renaming the Baby Boy …Sorta

The other day, BeeGoddessM remarked that the name I’ve given my baby boy (Homomobile Too) doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Homomobile” used to. I think she has a point.

Meanwhile, in good French Canadian tradition, my full name is about a mile long. It includes “Joseph” (the Catholic thing), my godfather’s name, a “spare” name, “Maurice” and “Michaud.” The spare name is my father’s name, because that’s what my mother wanted to call me. However, some people advised her against it because everyone might end up calling me “Junior.” Maybe. For you see, unlike in English, calling someone Junior is not common practice in French. In fact, the distinction is seldom done. I’m glad, though, that I ended up being called Maurice because I can imagine some very embarrassing moments back when I was still living at home …or even now, for that matter. Imagine mail being addressed without a middle initial to distinguish its true recipient…

However, such a situation is unlikely to happen between Homomobile and Homomobile Too. Therefore, while I don’t intend to rename my baby boy, I will, from now on, start referring to him more as Junior. That should still help instill in him pride in his forefather who served me for nearly 11 years. 😉

Mind you, HT/Junior might not be the optimum name. A few people, including BeeGoddessC, have commented on how fast I drive. And whenever Indiana Jones and I get into Homomob …err …Junior, he says, “Ah, the Ferrari…” But personally I think that Junior is only trying to make his auntie godmother proud.

Funny Situation, or Why People Need TextStyleM

I’m sure the Tall Estonian Guy won’t mind me mentioning an incident that happened last night, as he seemed particularly good natured about it.

I’ve told you several times already that I’m developing my own content management system, called TextStyleM. I’ve also told you several times that I volunteered to develop and maintain the Halifax Pride ’03 website. Both are going very well these days, and I’m even told that “people who matter” have commented on how much they appreciate not only the aesthetics of the Pride website, but also how it is updated daily as we get closer to the Big Week.

Back in March, when we were still many weeks away from the event, I showed the Tall Estonian Guy and the Pride PR Guy how the TextStyleM system worked. However, at that point, we agreed that their time would be better spent organizing the actual event, and they would simply send me the updates they wanted done to the site. So I didn’t delete the TextStyleM accounts I created for them, but I didn’t associate them to any of the menu items (i.e., didn’t give them permission to edit anything). Thus I saved myself about 10 minutes work.

But then, last night, just as I was about to step out for a spin in Homomobile Too with Indiana Jones so that we could escape the heat and humidity, I received a request for an update from the Tall Estonian Guy. He’s comes to know me as someone who’s (sadly) always plugging away at his computer, even on a Saturday night. Normally, his attitude towards these updates, since I’m an unpaid volunteer, is “Get them up when you can.” However, because he had a sponsor breathing down his neck for this latest update, he needed me to get it done pronto. I didn’t realize this was the case, though, as he has sometimes called “urgent” things that were, shall we say, 80% urgent. 😉

But the problem with his request was that my computer’s Norton AntiVirus warned me that the attachment he sent me had a virus. With my livelihood depending on my computer, I immediately sent him an e-mail message saying that I refused to open his attachment because of this, and he should try sending it again. And Indiana Jones and I went for our little drive.

I got back home shortly after 11:30 p.m. to find several messages from the poor, panicking Tall Estonian Guy, including one on my voice mail. Armed with an uncorrupt file and a rum and coke, I immediately did the updates. And, as he requested, I called him as soon as the updates were done.

Where am I going with all of this, you ask?

Well, it turns out that during the time I was away, Tall Estonian Guy and Pride PR Guy managed to recall how to crack into TextStyleM so that they could try to do the updates themselves. I was really happy to hear this, since a situation like last night’s is precisely what motivated me to create the script in the first place. But imagine the poor guys’ disappointment when they remembered the username and password and got into the program, only to find that they didn’t have permission to edit anything! 🙁

Recently I’ve found myself thinking a lot about how my clients are or would be using TextStyleM. At this point, I’d say there’s a 50/50 split: Half want total editorial control over their website, while half would rather have a maintenance contract with me so that I can do all the updates on their behalf. Until last night, the Pride group fell into the latter category. But last night’s panic provides me with a real-life scenario that I can give to my other clients who are leaning towards fully relying on me for content maintenance. Indeed, it might still be a good idea for them to know how to use the system in case I can’t be reached, for I can’t be expected to run my business 24/7/365. After all, that’s why I created this darned program.

Anyway, when I finally reached the Tall Estonian Guy last night, we were able to laugh about the whole mess. Shit happens. And, poor him, given all the responsibilities he has, he’ll likely have more tense moments in the next two weeks. Hopefully I won’t be the source of those frustrations. 😮

On Second Thought

The weather was just a little bit too unsettled yesterday to bother venturing out to the beach. I would much rather delay my first trip out there so that the weather will be absolutely glorious. Right now, Monday seems to be that day. So, instead, I worked all afternoon.

Last night I received an e-mail message from a long-lost buddy who’s now living in Montreal. I think I knew this already — heard it while in Montreal a few years ago, from one of his friends with his exact same name. What are the odds of knowing two guys, let alone two fags, with the same first and last name when those names aren’t exactly common?