Bloody Hell!

Well, John Hamm and his Possessive Corporatives Progressive Conservatives have called an election in Nova Scotia for August 5th.

A bloody summer election, called by a majority government, no less! Two things come to mind:

(1) The Conservatives are clearly attempting to shut out the vote of students, who are not traditionally their supporters — an old tactic the Buchanan Conservatives used in the ’80s.

(2) The Conservatives are probably hoping there won’t be much interest in this election campaign because people will be more interested in summer holidays.

I wonder if, like in New Brunswick, Homomobile Too’s health care insurance will be a pivotal issue. In that CBC story above, I noticed a sentence that reads, “The PCs may have a majority government right now, but polls suggest it could be a tight race.” I haven’t seen any polls, though, and, at midpoint of the New Brunswick campaign, Lord’s PCs seemed heading for another massive majority, which didn’t happen.

I have the funny feeling we’re heading for another Conservative government in this province. Nova Scotians, I think, are too fearful of real change and won’t vote themselves a good NDP government. (To those who think juxtaposing “NDP” with “good government” is an oximoron, bite me!) And while it seems unlikely, I suppose the Liberals, currently in third place in the Legislature, could pull the same stunt the Conservatives did in the ’99 election and come out triumphant. If that happens, Nova Scotians will simply be replacing one bunch of bozos with another. Alas, while NDP leader Darrell Dexter‘s program may be good, I’m not sure he has the appeal of the grandfatherly Hamm or the youthful-looking Graham.