Shallow Fog

I wish I had a camera that could take decent pictures in the dark. When I was checking the weather a few minutes ago, it said that Shearwater was experiencing “shallow fog.” I stepped out on my balcony to look towards Shearwater to see what exactly that would be, and it turns out that the downtown area is also under “shallow fog.” It’s literally just that: outside it’s mild and clear — moon, stars, everything “in order” — but towards the south there’s a cloud, perhaps 50 metres thick, starting about 20 metres from the ground. And above and around it, all is clear. Rather dramatic, actually… That explains how the Halifax harbour cam almost instantly went from showing a pretty nighttime skyline to a blotch of blackness.


(1) Perfect timing: I got word today that one of the websites I developed and am maintaining has been noticed and is receiving much praise for “timeliness of content and visual appeal.” Just as I was starting to feel a bit down (see previous entry)…

(2) Since tomorrow is supposed to be a splendid day weather-wise, I’m going to work into the wee hours of the morning and reward myself and Indiana Jones with a day at the beach. By putting a good dent in the work, I won’t feel guilty about basking in the sun instead of working.

Update on the Guns at My Head

It’s summer. It’s warm outside. I have a new car. Still tons of work to do, so can’t enjoy the first three as much as I would like. Also have bills to pay. And some of the slowest-paying clients anyone could want. 🙁

The slow-payers are a pain. They’re the ones who, when they call, want everything done yesterday. And the “everything” they want done is …well …complicated and time-consuming.

Tonight I’m going to bed early (for me) because my brain is mush. I have 4 new and huge TextStyleM modules on the building block. I admit, the money coming in when I deliver will be pretty good. But I’m exhausted just looking at myself going flat out right now while knowing that “payday,” for the most part, will be so many weeks after I’m done going flat out. I had a bit of an anxiety attack around suppertime last night but, fortunately, got over it soon enough. However, that edgy, “overwhelmed” feeling persists, though more muted at this point.

Bush Whacker’s Take on Adoption

You really must read the Bush Whacker’s take on the adoption of Homomobile Too. Until she reminded me the next day, I had forgotten about how I slipped that “for now” in our conversation with the car dealer. When I picked up the baby boy last Saturday, I couldn’t resist dropping that [Bush Whacker’s name IRL] wasn’t with me to pick up the boy because she was visiting her relatives in Newfoundland. That, of course, prompted the dealer: “Please say hello to her for me.” Which I did the next day by e-mail.