Fogged Out Again

There seems to be a plan (by I don’t know who or what) to prevent me from going to the beach. The weather’s been unstable for more than a week now, with fog into the late morning or afternoon, then overcast skies and maybe two hours of glorious sunshine in the late afternoon before the return of the cool, damp fog. It hasn’t been cold, though. Quite warm, actually. Except not exactly beach weather, damn it! (BTW, that image is enlargeable.)

Week Off

The plan to go to Fredericton from Monday to Thursday is still on, but Indiana Jones‘s mother, affectionately a.k.a. Trickles, decided not to come. Also, Poupoune is arriving in Halifax on Thursday, and the Bar Hopper is “allowing” me to take her all day Friday. Do note my suspicion that’s only because the Hopper has to work on Friday. ;-P}

The Quit-Smoking Update

The Bar Hopper and BeeGoddessM are holding up. Indiana Jones is also holding up, although he looks like he’s coming apart at the seams. And I have stopped pretending that I’m trying.

Yes, I want to give it another shot soon. I just couldn’t handle it right now. One of my reasons for trying to quit this time was to lend support to Indiana, whose doctor is urging him to quit. We’re planning on going to the beach tomorrow and I will go sans tobacco. Maybe Indiana and I need to work our way down first, then turn to the patch.