Welcome Cindy: The Best Side of Blogging*

You may have noticed a comment in a recent entry from a newcomer called Cindy who found aMMusing as a result of a Google search on Jane Olivor.

We exchanged a few, very pleasant e-mail messages after she posted her comment. She’s a very interesting woman living in the U.S. Southwest, and I hope she comes back often to aMMusing. I think she’d have much to contribute to this blog.

When I started aMMusing last December, I knew people I don’t know would come here from nowhere, so to speak. That made me a bit nervous. But to date — and here’s hoping I’m not jinxing it! — almost everyone who has found this blog and commented on it has been pleasant. We’ve laughed; we’ve discussed; we’ve ranted… But it’s all been civil, and that’s very nice indeed.

* An irresistible paraphrase of a 1978 Jane Olivor album…

I’m Not Screaming

Around 11 o’clock this morning, the car dealer called to say that Homomobile Too hadn’t been delivered on the truck this morning, but he fervently hoped he would be in this afternoon. I called at 2 o’clock; the dealer was with a client. But he called back at 2:30: “I have some good news.” :->}

Of course, the dealership has to do a full inspection and it won’t be ready before 9:30 tomorrow morning. But I can live with that. I called my insurance company and everything tomorrow should be a matter of some final paperwork before I drive off with Homomobile Too. I’ll probably take the day off if I can convince Indiana Jones to come for a spin.

So no need for me to scream in frustration. :->}