Proudly Coming Along

2003 Halifax Pride logoThe Halifax Pride ’03 website is coming along very nicely. The Tall Estonian Guy and I still haven’t managed to find a block of time to work on the photo gallery section, but that’s a comparatively minor issue given how the schedule of events needs to be updated almost every day as we get closer to the big event.

Make sure to check out the map of the parade route. It’s the fine work of none other than BeeGoddessM. She’s so talented and creative that she practically pulled this one out of her ass! ;-P}

Guilt & Guns to One’s Head

If my blogging has become sparse these days, it’s that I have not one, not two, but THREE guns at my head as far as work-related deadlines go. Actually, make that FOUR guns. One is not work-related.

Then add major, uppercase Guilt. Guilt because I’m not going out for walks because of the pressure of those guns on my temples. Guilt because I’m unable to find the time to shop for a replacement for Homomobile, which must be retired by the end of this month. Guilt because I haven’t been calling my parents as often as I should. Guilt because I’m reduced to scheduling time for friends. Guilt because my apartment’s state of cleanliness is deteriorating. Guilt because I’ve been putting off getting groceries for six days. Guilt because I’m still smoking like mad…

I can all hear you say, “Relax, Maurice!” But it’s impossible right now. Right now I’m unable to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

I Desperately Need Your Help

I need everyone’s help. As soon as possible.

Thanks for your help thus far, Kevin! Now other people with more conventional browsers, please… :->}

You might recall this entry in which I talked about old versions of Netscape (v. 4.x) and how I found, to my pleasure, that few seem to be using it anymore. At the time, I drew the conclusion that one site I’m working on is rendered poorly ONLY with that old piece of trash. But my assumption is being challenged and I need to have as many people as possible with different browsers and operating systems visit this page [link removed] and report to me how it looks.

I’m being told that on a gazillion computers (except mine, of course), the images that are flush right overlap onto the text in the right margin. I’m being told it is NOT just with an old version of Netscape, but I can’t get an answer on WHICH freakin’ browser is being used and is rendering the page so badly. So could you visit the page and, in the comments, could you please answer the following questions:

  1. Do the images overlap onto the text?
  2. With which browser did you visit the page (name and version)?
  3. Under which operating system do you run your browser?
  4. What is your screen resolution?

Thanks a million!

P.S.: I should hasten to add that the person challenging me is NOT the client.