The Cold North Atlantic

Much of central Canada and parts of the Maritimes are bracing themselves for a heat wave. But here on the coast in Halifax yesterday, we didn’t need to worry (unfortunately) and won’t need to worry today. The east-southeast wind blowing from the ocean brought the mercury to plunge around 14C/55F by late afternoon yesterday, although it was around 23C/75F just a few miles inland at the airport. The high in the city today is only expected to be 16C/61F (same as friggin’ Whitehorse!), although a more pleasant 26C/79C further inland. And in Moncton today, expect Jacksonville, FL-type weather: 34C/93F.

It’s not unusual to have a big gap this time of year between inland and coastal areas, or to have a perfectly gorgeous day ruined by coastal fog. However, the difference seems a bit more pronounced this year, which makes me wonder if it’s because of the unusually cold winter we’ve had. Add to that a wind blowing off the water, and we’re doomed to keeping long pants and jackets on for yet another while.

I know, what a boring thing to blog about. But I couldn’t help myself as I was looking sideways at my big black sweater after finally deciding the windows just had to be closed.

Persons in Your Neighbourhood

I dunno, but I guess I can claim to live in an interesting, if not downright attractive, neighbourhood when I get home to find part of the street across my apartment building blocked by a movie crew on a shoot. Actually, the Hydrostone Market is an attractive spot and the pasta place is excellent. It’s nice to live across the street from a few good restaurants.

The new car not being ready for pickup today was just one disappointment, albeit by far the biggest one. Normally I can call around noon for an appointment to get my hair cut later in the day, but today the woman who cuts my hair was booked solid. Then I found myself struggling with something in TextStyleM that suggested that, somewhere along the way, I had coded something that Netscape doesn’t like. After nearly 2 hours of futzing, I decided to reboot my computer …and that cleared the problem. And on it went. Nothing seemed to be going right.

Aside from that, just like this guy and this gal (among many others), I don’t feel particularly inspired to blog these days. Yet it’s a busy time, peppered with several doses of high emotions…


I just found out that it looks like Homomobile Too is still on a rail car somewhere and won’t be in Halifax before Friday. Having finally made the plunge, the wait is killing me! 🙁 Well, good thing I didn’t change anything yet on my insurance policy…


Dare I admit it: I’m almost-out-of-my-mind excited as I wait for the call to go pick up Homomobile Too. All the papers I need are already in an envelope, by the door. The next few days are supposed to be very nice weather-wise, which will make staying at the computer to work really hard.


The solstice picnic at the BeeGoddesses’ was marvelous. Although it was warm and sunny, we stayed close to their Hive instead of going to Point Pleasant Park. Fantastic food, including Texas-style fried chicken and Indiana Jones‘s world-famous apple cake…


Last night I called my friend and ex Cleopatrick in Montreal. Most excellent three-hour talk. Remember the days when making such a lengthy long-distance call would mean less money for food the next month?

Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I just spoke to the Queen of Sheba who’s inviting me over for din-dins — to be prepared, of course, by the Grand Poobah of Culinary Delights, and consumed in their lovely Royal Garden (i.e., the din-dins, not the GPoCD).

— How are ya?” she asked.

— Giddy,” I said. “I bought a new car yesterday.”

I gave her a summary of how the haggling went with the brilliant Bush Whacker, to which the Queen replied, laughing, “Actually, she’s really good at spending other people’s money.”

Perhaps so, but I know I’ll never go car shopping without either my mother or a sensible dyke by my side. ;-P}


I was telling H.D. yesterday what my work schedule is going to be like over the next six weeks (i.e., nutty, but ultimately lucrative). The “lucrative” part is good in that I need to feel, with absolute (rather than relative) certainty, that I didn’t tie a noose around my neck at the car dealership yesterday. But the “nutty” part is not as good, for as I was thinking as I was having my first coffee of the day on the balcony this morning, I’ll have to resist the temptation to take time off to go on nowheres with Homomobile Too. “Being responsible” sucks sometimes.


Indiana Jones was telling me yesterday that his doctor is warning him to quit smoking ASAP. I have no one but myself to blame for having failed in my quest to quit this winter, but I must say that hanging out with smokin’ Indiana, combined with my stress level, contributed much to my failure. However, now that Homomobile Too is providing me a tangible incentive to save $200/month by not smoking and that I have a buddy who also needs to kick the habit, we might just try quitting at the same time and give each other support (read “permission to scratch each other’s eyes out”).


I wish some friends knew how much we care for them and that, as a result, nothing, nothing, they reveal about themselves will alter how much we care for them or bring us to pass judgement on them …especially since their “secrets” aren’t that secret. I can’t say more and don’t expect any clarification; I just wanted to get that off my chest. Some readers of aMMusing know what I’m referring to, anyway…


Although today is the summer solstice, the BeeGoddesses are inviting the Bar Hopper, Indiana Jones and I to celebrate this pagan event with a traditional picnic tomorrow afternoon. If it doesn’t piss rain, we’ll go to Point Pleasant Park. If it does, we’ll stick around their Hive. At the time of writing this, the forecast for Halifax tomorrow sets the risk of thunderstorms at 40 percent…

[Point Pleasant] Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down…
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
’cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh, no!

Something for Indiana Jones to think about, since he’s planning to bring his famous apple cake to the picnic.

P.S.: I always found “Macarthur Park” to be a silly, silly song.