Knowing When It’s Time to Say…

…”Time for a nap.”

I worked until 7:15 this morning on a tight deadline, and set the alarm for 11:30 when I went to bed because I had my 1 p.m. appointment to learn how to drive standard. Just as sat at my computer with my “morning” coffee, hell broke loose at HM’s former/soon-to-be former NOC (more details from me on this one later …maybe). Annette et al. must be seeing red, but no need for them to apologize for the Redoubtable Murphy striking.

So fine, moving right along… I had to go for my driving lesson anyway. Well! At this very moment, I’m wondering if it IS possible to teach this old dog a new trick. But after talking to one of my clients (see above paragraph), I’m being convinced that I’m actually handicapped not knowing how to do this and should simply swallow my pride and keep trying.

Well… given that with just a bit more than 4 hours’ sleep in this old dog isn’t enough for it to be of any use to anyone, and where said old dog can’t get any work done (except gain access to aMMusing), this is as good a time as any to say, “Time for a nap.”