Thou Protest Too Much

In my estimation, following up a stranger’s comment on an aMMusing post that’s more than two weeks old isn’t worth my time and energy. However, I received a comment today in response to this oldish post on spam. The present post is not a response to that comment as much as it is about presenting xkot a candidate for his “Fucktard of the Week” award. Also, since the post that drew this shrill response is 16 days old, it no longer appears on aMMusing’s main index page. But I would hate to deny the regular readers of aMMusing the chance to see this gem of non-diplomacy, which I’m classifying first and foremost under “Laugh, Dahlinks, Laugh!” (although I’m tempted to start a new “aMMusingly Bizarre” category).

So did she or didn’t she say it? Frankly, that’s not the point …or at least not the point to be taken up against aMMusing as much as The New York Times. As ampersand of Alas, a blog (among other bloggers) pointed out recently in a post unrelated to the subject at hand, it seems like it’s open season on the NYT‘s credibility, a matter I have no interest in debating either way. I am …err …”aMMused,” however, that some would (over)value so much the ability of this little personal Web log from Canada’s eastern edge to shape public opinion.

And oh! As an aside to “Mr. Adam Words Mean Things”, who has recently been admonished not to “try your amateur psychoanalysis on me. EVER,” doesn’t the tone of the comment to which I’m pointing above remind you of a rude, spleeny and petulant someone with whom you’ve become just a little bit too obsessed lately? 😉

Anyway, don’t mind me, people. I have to go delete the 20 or so spam messages that have come in over the last 7 hours.

Teeth Scratching

Tomorrow — actually, later today — will be the day of my semi-annual visit to whom I refer to as my Butch Leather Bottom Dentist (“BLBD”, for short). But he’s really just a pussy cat. And most of the time of my visit will be spent with Teeth Scratcher, the dental hygenist whom I actually like a lot despite the awful nickname I give her.

BLBD has been my dentist for about 9 years now. When I first went to see him, it was after a prolonged period — about 6 years — of not going to a dentist. I always hated “scaling” (i.e., the scratching of teeth to remove tartar build-up), possibly because the dentist I had as a kid was particularly brutal and the crud would fly all over the place as he’d scratch. But after 6 years of avoiding any dentist, a chunk of tartar fell on its own volition from the back of my lower front teeth, so I realized I had to do something.

If it had not been unethical to hit me, BLBD would have. Here I was, sitting in his chair, all 32 teeth in my mouth and only one quarter of one filling on a lower molar, but just a year — so he claimed — before he would have had to start pulling out some of said teeth. Indeed, the tartar build-up was starting to knaw under the gum line. Others would kill to have all their teeth with so few fillings. And here I was, taking them for granted and grossly neglecting them!

So I don’t anymore. Like clockwork, I’m there every 6 months. I still hate the scaling, but I love the way my teeth feel for several days after they’ve been cleaned. Besides, Teeth Scratcher is much less brutal than my childhood dentist. And I always enjoy my little chats with her, although, under the circumstances, she does most of the talking.

But I think what convinced me to keep going to BLBD & TS is how they were very matter-of-fact about post-scratching precaution after my first visit 9 years ago. “Because your gums bled a lot,” BLBD said, “you should avoid sexual contact involving your mouth until they’ve healed.” The thing is, though, that I got the distinct impression he was telling me this as he would any other patient, not just any patient whom he knew to be gay. And he did so with much couth.