In a Deadline-Driven World

I just found out that the penalty for filing my income tax late will be a bit stiffer than I thought it would be: 5 percent of balance owing, plus 1 percent of balance owing for each full month late. Ah well, no point crying over it. I simply couldn’t get it in on time, with all the SNAFUs of the last few weeks. Hopefully I’ll make good on the promise to myself to file early next year.

[On the other hand, I found something in the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency’s website about a June 30th deadline for self-employed people. But I think that’s the deadline to rule on whether or not to issue a T4 to such an individual, not for filing.]


That missed deadline aside, I have this very scary deadline in less than three weeks for one of my clients. It’s a scary deadline because, although I’ve been working for months on bits and pieces that will lead to the requested module’s completion, it’s still a beast of a project. Meanwhile, less firm deadlines with other clients are floating around, and having those floating around causes me to panic a little.

And oh! Still have to clean the apartment; Mom, Dad and Sis are coming for a day trip in a few days…

[Note to self: Deep breaths. Deep breaths…]


¤ I wish I had a little lamb.

¤ I wish I had a slave.
   No. Well …it’d be handy …but no.

¤ I wish I never had to sleep.
   Now there’s a thought! But unfeasible …for me, at least.

¤ I wish I had a new car.
   Can’t have that before you meet those deadlines and earn more $.

Eh Crisco!