If I were more (completely?) neurotic and irrational, I would say TextStyle1 is possessed. After the xth system seizure last night and running different software applications to see if not running one in particular might lead to no more crashing (unsuccessful attempts), I began to suspect the problem might be with one of the “input devices” — keyboard or mouse — even though the Event Viewer isn’t reporting any problems there. So before going to bed, I logged onto both TextStyle1 and TextStyle2 and, once logged on, avoided touching TextStyle1 and worked only on TextStyle2. But when I woke up this morning, TextStyle1 had seized again.

Now the lead I’m following, though I’m not particularly optimistic, is that the screensaver (simple Windows marquee) might be tripping things up all of a sudden, so I changed it to “None.” What I’d really like right now is to have my friend Richard take a look at TextStyle1. While he no longer works for the company that sold me this computer, he’s damn good when it comes to figuring out problems like I’m experiencing. I mean, it MUST be a case of “stuff” being tangled up and needing to be untangled…

Except that I hate to ask him, because we haven’t had the opportunity to see or speak to each much in the last few months, and I don’t want to seem like I’m just using him. Of course, I’d make him a few great meals for his troubles — he likes being fed — but still… And if indeed I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a new system, he’s the person I’d trust most to help me buy that new system even though he tends to like Microsoft products much more than I do.

I wish the timing were right for me to make a big change to Linux. Someone suggested recently that I should consider a Mac because it’s like Linux with the apps set up already. He should know, having played with one or more Linux distros. But I can’t help feeling that now is not the time for such a fundamental change in the way I do things.

You See?!

The power just flashed off and on — long enough to shut everything down and force me to reset clocks on appliances. The sound of the power cutting out, and those few seconds when your senses are trying to figure out what the heck is going on, make me tense up. It’s clear I would go mental really fast if I were in real harm’s way.

Things That Make Me Nervous

I don’t know why, but wind makes me nervous. Poupoune, on the other hand, loves hearing the sound of wind howling through tree branches. It’s a very windy and rainy night here in Halifax, and I don’t like it much. It’s as though I keep waiting for that gust that’ll knock out the power.


I really don’t know what to think anymore about TextStyle1. Today it resumed its seizures, but the error log shows nothing — nothing except a supposedly harmless informational warning which I find extremely amusing: “The browser has forced an election on network \Device\NetBT_El90x2 because a master browser was stopped.”

Maybe the United States needs to equip itself with a good browser for the 2004 presidental election.


Earlier tonight, I found that access to my websites on my “home” HM server, named Minerva, was rather sluggish. Before pressing the panic button, I did all the diagnoses and forum reading a webmaster does to see if the problem was known. That’s how I found out that Minerva’s sites were moving to HM’s new NOC.

Fair enough; I knew this was coming one of these days or weeks. But then I start getting nervous because, for reasons unknown to myself, self-doubt always comes back to haunt me. Am I forgetting something? Am I doing something wrong, or not doing something I should be doing? I trust my fearless leaders at HM; it’s me I don’t always trust.


We’re just a day away from the beginning of a new month. Yes, April already! I take one look at my receivables, then one look at my payables, and I get nervous.

That’s a strange reason for me to get nervous, really, for you see: Somehow I’ve always managed. I’d understand this nervousness more if I had had to pull myself out of successive, roaring failures. But I’ve never had to do that.

Maybe it’s the freelancer’s equivalent of stage fright — those butterflies in the stomach an actor feels before a live performance. And that kind of stage fright is actually good.

I *AM* Canadian!

Try out Quizilla’s “Which Country of the World Are You?.” I heard about this quiz from Kevin, who turns out to be Switzerland. I laughed when I found myself to be Truly Canadian…


Although originally a simple British colony, it has flourished into a mid-level power. Admired worldwide for its culture, acceptance and quality of living standards.

Loved by all.
Mid-level power.
Renouned despite proximity to superpower.
Damn good maple syrup, Inuit.

Often ignored.
Monarch-democratic struggles.

By the way, the “I Am Canadian” reference is to a hilarious and widely known commercial for Molson Canadian beer. I wonder if one has to be Canadian to understand why it’s so funny. You tell me.