A False Sense of Confidence

Today I came this close to not putting on a fresh NicoDerm patch — not because I was thinking of throwing in the towel on quitting, but because I was curious to try a little test. But, remembering one of the BeeGoddesses’ advice against weaning off the patch too quickly, I thought better of it.

This is my 7th day, so 6 days done and over with. But I have to be honest: In those 6 days, I’ve had a puff here and there, making one cigarette last anywhere between 5 and 8 hours in 3 or 4 sittings. If I hadn’t started my attempt to quit last Wednesday, I likely would have smoked at least 6*25=150 cigarettes — probably a few more. But in fact I’ve had only 8 over that time. Relatively speaking, that’s nothing!

So today I was wondering if I could sustain this negligeable rate of smoking without the help of the patch. Without the patch, the lowest number of daily smokes I reached was 12. But after nearly a week of “behaviour modification” with the patch, I can envision not feeling like smoking when I’m out, or every time something doesn’t go quite right. In other words, I can imagine myself being in control of my smoking to the point where I might only smoke a pack every 2 weeks — as one might have a Grand Marnier after dinner — as opposed to a pack or more every day.

Or, it could be that the patch is so effective that it’s giving me a false sense of confidence…

Comments, anyone?

Generational Math

I don’t know how one would represent this mathematically, but did you know that when a person’s age is exactly one half of one of his/her parent’s, that person is the same age the parent was when the person was born? In other words, the gap between the ages narrows over time, although, of course, never catches up.

Meanwhile, it just occurred to me that, in Nova Scotia, someone born in 1987 could get his/her driver’s license. (Scary to me.) And the majority of those who will be registering to their first year at college or university this coming fall will have been born in 1985.

Oh! The things I was up to when they were merely being born! :->}