All’s Normal Otherwise, I Guess

  1. A new poll released today suggests that about 36% of Canadians believe that the U.S. is the single greatest threat to peace — followed by al Quaeda, Saddam Hussein, and North Korea. But the vast majority of Canadians still “like Americans.”

  2. Of course the current U.S. administration wants to view whatever it is that’s just been found in Iraq as being the infamous smoking gun. Duh! If nothing’s found: “But we know they have stuff so we’re attacking anyway”; if something’s found: “We knew it all along but we indulged you by waiting for the UN inspectors to be done.” Many politicians take the people for fools, but the current admin in the U.S. is downright contemptuous of the citizenry.

  3. Most of Canada except B.C. and the Yukon is in a freakin’ cold snap, including the more clement Halifax. There’s more snow on the ground this year in Halifax than in normal years, and the mercury’s not expected to climb above the freezing point for yet another week.

  4. But then, in northern New Brunswick (Campbellton/Bathurst), an area known for its abundant snowfall, there’s a remarkable lack of snow as the region prepares to host the Canada Winter Games. (That’s normal — the best plans…)

  5. Meanwhile, some people insist on posting stuff like this. ;-P}

  6. While on the topic of “Florida,” is Jeb a real name or a nickname? (If real, I’d be deeply embarrassed to have such a monicker.)

  7. I wonder what my patch-induced dreams will be about tonight…

In short, I guess everything’s normal: ambivalence continues; a moron is on the war path; Canada’s freezing; Florida’s warm; I’m still a smoker at heart.

You Just Have to Laugh About It

On all the documentation about the possible effects of the patch, one that is listed frequently is “vivid dreams.”

Well, I can vouch for that! They’re vivid, and completely UNLIKE any other dreams I’ve had!

Put it this way. I’m 37 years old. Like most healthy human being, I’ve had my share of erotic dreams. But in my case, they’ve always featured people of the same sex. Except that now, I’ve actually had an erodream featuring someone of the opposite sex. That’s really freaky to me.

And I can’t help wonder: If a het-as-they-come person goes on the patch, will he or she have homoerotic dreams?

Eh Crisco!!! 😮