Has CNN Become a Joke?

I didn’t watch the news today, so I didn’t get this from there. On my own I remembered that today is the 12th anniversary of the beginning of the Gulf War — or, at least, the American attack on Iraq. (All I’m suggesting with this wording is that I’m not sure what can be deemed the start date of that war, for some might argue that it’s the day Iraq invaded Kuwait.) I was working late in my office that night and had the radio on CBC, listening to classical music as I worked. Then programming got interrupted, etc.

Because I didn’t own a television at the time, my experience of this conflict was probably more similar to those who experienced World War II: I read newspapers and listened to the radio. I did a lot of the latter. And one thing I remember is that on the morning after Operation Desert Storm began, many columnists and media commentators considered CNN’s coverage of the start of hostilities as being the network’s (and the whole freakin’ media’s) finest moment. Of course the downhill followed quickly, with the military’s tight reins on the media.

Today I was waiting in line at the bank, doing some of those odd transactions that require a human being. There was a television to distract those like me who were waiting. It was on CNN. And I watched it as it was covering the theft in Texas of viles containing bacteria samples that could cause bubonic plague. All I can say is that they were pretty intense about it. And I wondered if they were trying to turn the clock back 12 years. To me they seem to revel in people’s fears.

Anyway, the title of this entry really IS a question, for I only have “peasant TV” and don’t get CNN, so I seldom get to watch it.

Oops! That’s Just a “Side-Effect”

If there’s one word I truly can’t stand, it has to be side-effect. There’s simply no such thing. Whether or not all the components that form “the result” are desired, each is an effect of the measure taken.

Sorry if I seem to be harping on the same subject over and over — namely my attempt at quitting the weed — but some have asked me why I chose the patch over Zyban. You can find my answer in [this article] [linkrot].

I didn’t know the David Landry mentioned in the lead paragraph of that article, even though he was originally from Moncton. However, he was the son of a longtime buddy of my oldest brother. But worst of all, apparently David was only a light smoker (< 1/2 pack/day)...

The Last Ones & Miscellany

Technically it’s the infamous January 15th here already, but not in my mind. Sleep, whenever that occurs, is what separates one day from the next. Hence only when I wake up the next time will it be my official QS Day. So right now I’m really enjoying (what should be) my last ones…

Workwise, things have been a bit strange since the new year began. A lot of projects I started last year and thought would be completed last year are slowly, but surely, all coming to a head NOW. Tonight I even received an e-mail message that could lead to a new project. Now that’s good, mind you, since there seems to be some buzz happening locally over my TextStyleM script. But I feel as though I have a dozen loose ends hanging right in front of me, all needing to be tied up at once. Except which one should I tie up first? (Note to Poupoune: This reminds me — When will we ever find the time to work on that trademark issue?)

As local weather forecasters speak of how the mercury is not expected to climb anywhere near the freezing point for the remainder of the week, I’m finding myself drifting in thoughts of what it would be like to live in a place where the mercury never goes below the freezing point. Back in the ’70s, a lame idea was tossed around for a very short time about Canada annexing some obscure Caribbean island whose name I forget and making it a dependant territory of Canada. Too bad that never worked out. I could have wintered in a warm place without having to leave my country, which would have made things easier (no passport, same currency, the right to travel anywhere within the country, etc.). Maybe what killed the idea is the fear that all Canadians would invade the island, which surely it could not have supported.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to spend a few days in Montreal just to be there. I just fancy the idea of going from one coffeeshop to the next in the Village and reading a novel or three just because. And to pay a few visits to ma tante Sonia (an inside joke among Montrealers).