Just Two Days Left

If all goes as planned, I will be done with smoking in 2 days.

This may seem completely absurd to those of you who have never been addicted to nicotine, but already the feeling I have is akin to having someone in my life who’s dying. And I suspect that part of the anxiety I’ll feel from Wednesday onwards will be similar to mourning. But that’s what is so insidiuous about smoking: Cigarettes become a friend you turn to in good times and bad. I also think that, psychologically, one remains a smoker just as one remains an alcoholic.

Thankfully, one of The BeeGoddesses started her latest attempt to quit on the 5th, so I know I’ll have someone nearby with whom to commisserate. Plus, the other BeeGoddess, who quit more than a year ago after 35 years, shared with me a most inspirational anecdote last night: She who had never been able to shovel snow because she would get out of breath was able to shovel for an hour yesterday afternoon.

I guess that, for one thing, I can look forward to not being out of breath after climbing the four flights of stairs leading to my apartment…

The Million Dollar Question

About 10 years (or more) ago, the Barenaked Ladies released the song “If I Had a $1,000,000.” Meanwhile, someone recently mused that if she were so lucky as to win a big lottery, she wouldn’t continue at her job. And that made me think: Would I?

I guess I would, but that’s because I’m a freelancer, I like what I do, and I get bored easily. If I had a nice nestegg, I wouldn’t have to rely on my work; rather, it would be a form of entertainment. However, if I were still at one of the awful jobs I’ve had — being the supervisor of a language lab was an instance where I was undervalued and bored out of my skull — I’d be gone in a New York minute!

So I’d focus on my business as amusement, and travel a lot. No more snow for this boy, I assure you!

And you: What would you do?

Halifax Goes Country?

This is totally odd but true.

For about 15 minutes from 1:30 to 1:45 this morning, a cock crowed outside my apartment building — just like you would imagine it on an old-fashioned farm at sunrise. I am NOT making this up! And I can’t imagine a human being capable of doing this as convincingly. For what it’s worth, you should also know that it’s -9C (16F) with a windchill making it feel like -16C (3F) right now in Halifax.