I found this test extremely easy. I aced it, in fact, and I’m sure most readers of aMMusing would as well. It’s quite discouraging, however, that so many young people today couldn’t pass it. I’m thinking particularly of all of those who speak or blog at length about the need for the U.S. to attack Iraq when they couldn’t find it even if it bit them in the ass.

Disclosure: As a kid, I would spend hours leafing through an atlas. I still love maps to this day. Maybe all the pretty colours got me interested in the first place… :->}

Oh! My! Gawd!

I know there are blogs for everything, but this one has me laughing even as I’m typing this. The Internet as the great equalizer, eh?

Sorry, but this one is in French. I think many among you will still get it, though. A few samples:

vite, vite, vite, ca y est, j’ait caca. mais, j’étais gênée, gênée, car j’ai fait beaucoup de bruit, oooooh la la, beaucoup de bruit.

je m’en serais voulue de n’avoir pas noté ici la presque sensualité des lingettes humidifiées d’huile qui étaient à notre disposition dans cette salle de bain qui n’était pas la nôtre et dont les murs étaient roses – on serait tenté de dire presque aussi doux au regard que les lingettes l’étaient au cul.

oui j’ai fait caca, pas vous?

Further explanation in the comments below for those whose French isn’t up to the challenge.