A Few Quickies for Now

  1. I was speaking to Poupoune tonight and she’s game to join aMMusing. Yay!

  2. For the “I Don’t Understand Why I’m Getting These Spam Messages” file: I’m often invited to visit sites filled with lolitas. Talk about barking at the wrong tree! (The latest one seems to have originated in Taiwan.)

  3. The Raelians (international HQ in Quebec), with the help of Clonaid, are claiming that a cloned baby girl should be born in the next 14 days. I find this development deeply disturbing, regardless of whether it’s true or just a publicity stunt.

  4. I’m not one for resolutions for the new year, but I do plan to retain the services of a house cleaner — “maid,” if you prefer — starting in 2003. No Molly Maid for me: I want whomever does the work to get every cent I pay.

  5. My primary phone number is one digit off Speedy Muffler on Robie Street, and my secondary phone number is one digit off the Canada Post counter at Lawton’s Drugs on Duffus Street. I no longer find amusing the long pause at the other end of the line before finally being asked, very tentatively, “Are you Speedy?”

  6. OF COURSE it’s short on specifics and really only meant to be provocative but, by exisiting, Rooting Out Evil takes a commonly tauted set of arguments and turns it around …rather embarrassingly. Actually, being short on specifics is exactly what the Bush administration in the U.S. has been doing with regard to Iraq, which is what makes this site so masterful.