Off with their Heads!

Well over three years ago, I wrote an entry in aMMusing in which I was essentially asking what was the point of drag and drag queens. If you go back to that post, you’ll remember that for me it was never a simple matter: I, personally, have never felt the desire to do drag or to fall into any particular clique, but if anyone else does, …well, it’s a free country last time I checked, so fill your boots!

That said, I’ve come to the point where I’ve had it up to my eyebrows with the drag queens in Halifax. They’ve become a powerful little clique to which we have to defer and certainly not offend. But after the big show at the end of this year’s Pride parade last month, I’m hoping organizers will have the courage next year to do what’s long overdue: Decrowning the queens on the grounds that they are meaningless and, worse, devoid of any talent.

I realize that for me to make such a remark in this small town is an invitation for some very abusive and nasty comments. Some are likely to question my “pride.” But I fail to see why I should be brimming with pride about a bunch of guys who put on crazy dresses, even crazier makeup, say and do terribly crass things, and stand up on stage for a few numbers of lip-synching. I’m sorry, but that’s not talent. Maybe if they really sang — think Torch Song Trilogy — then I’d feel differently. Maybe if they galvanized people with no-nonsense wisdom about standing up against those who want to silence us, I’d also feel differently, too. Maybe if they had even just an ounce of valid social commentary…

But no. This year, the post-parade gathering was held in the Commons, the huge green space in the heart of the city where the Rolling Stones will be playing — a much better gathering spot than Sackville Landing in previous years. The crowd that gathered was huge and wonderful; it was heart-warming to see. But then Halifax’s Talentless-Drag-Queen-Mafioso took the stage for way too long, and combined with the threat of rain, led most of the crowd — except those in the beer garden — to leave the Commons before the two main acts of real entertainment took the stage.

So indeed, I hope next year’s Pride organizers get the hint and grab a clue. It’s time to dethrone the drag queens of Halifax. They’re embarrassing not because they’re a bunch of guys wearing hideous dresses. They’re embarrassing because they’re terrible entertainers, and stating this simple truth should not be reduced to accusations of being “anti drag queens.”

You’ve had your time in the sunshine, darlings. Now get the fuck off the stage and go play with yourselves in your dismal karaoke bar.

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