I’ve Been Tagged!

Okay, Julie has tagged me, so here goes!

4 Jobs I have had
— Clerk at Treats in Highfield Square (Moncton)
— Managing editor of a feminist academic journal
— Language lab supervisor
— University instructor

4 Films that you could watch again and again
Torch Song Trilogy
Cinema Paradiso
Babette’s Feast
Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain)
(Okay, so I like chick flicks. Leave me alone!)

4 TV Shows I like to watch
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Law & Order
Rick Mercer Report
— The news

4 Places where I have lived
— Family “Homestead” (Moncton)
— Quinn Street (West End Halifax)
— Bedford Highway by MSVU (Halifax)
— Morris Street (South End Halifax)

4 Destinations where I have gone on holidays
— Maine/New Hampshire, USA (as a kid)
— London, England
— Berlin, Germany
— Washington, DC, USA

…in Canada
— Rivière-du-Loup, Québec
— Montréal, Québec
— Québec City
— Toronto, Ontario

…for work
— Fredericton, New Brunswick
— Moncton, New Brunswick (since I no longer live there)
— Grand-Falls, New Brunswick
— Banff, Alberta

4 Places you would rather be right now
— Montréal
— Mykonos
— Key West
— Melbourne

4 Favorite Dishes
— Mashed potatoes
— Curried chicken
— BBQ hamburger
— Pan-fried haddock

4 Websites you visit every day
dictionary.com (’cause I’m always in doubt with spelling)

4 New Blogs to be tagged
Sorry to break the chain, but I don’t like tagging people. But if you’re inclined to do this thing, leave a comment with this entry and we’ll go visit you.